Beauty couch Queen 2 (massage table)

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Beauty couch Queen 2 (massage table)

Beauty couch Queen 2 - stylish and functional equipment for your office

The most important type of equipment for a beautician's office is a beauty couch. We offer to buy the Queen2, which is suitable for the equipment of exclusive clinics. The model has a well thought-out design and provides a high level of comfort for both patients and beauticians.

What are the features of the Queen2 model?

The beauty couch was developed by our designers, the engineers took into account the requirements of present day aesthetics and used innovative materials. As a result, Queen2 has the following features:

  • convenient adjustment;
  • high quality durable materials;
  • thoughtful design;
  • attractive appearance.

Elastic and breathable materials are used for the finishing of the Queen2 beauty couch. The top layer is made of eco-leather. This material is resistant to mechanical stress, does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean.

It is also worth noting the reinforced metal frame of the beauty coach. You can be sure that the Queen2 will handle patients of any weight.

Having decided to buy a Queen2 beauty couch, you are purchasing comfortable functional furniture, which has a luxury design and fully complies with sanitary and hygienic requirements.

How to adjust the couch?

Another advantage of the Queen2 beauty couch is its convenient adjustment. You can change the position of the patient depending on the type of treatment. The Queen2 model allows you to change the following parameters:

  • height;
  • the angle of inclination of the hip region;
  • head tilt angle The adjustment of beauty couch is carried out using the control panel. 

What are the advantages of Queen2 over analogues?

Stylish and comfortable beauty couch fully meets the needs of specialists. The advantages of a beauty couch include:

Heavy-duty frame made of steel profile. The couch easily withstands a load of up to 250 kg;
Convenient filler that provides patients with comfort during facial and body treatments;
A high-quality coating that is hygienic, easy to maintain and provides a pleasant tactile sensation;
Stability. Thanks to the legs with rubber pads, the couch does not slip, does not vibrate during treatments, does not damage the floor covering and stands firmly on it;
High quality components. 
Premium equipment. The scope of delivery includes a cover made of high quality terry cloth.
Also worth noting is the stylish and attractive look of the beauty couch. The furniture is finished in white eco-leather, the lower part is decorated with a carriage tie and decorated with rhinestones. Such a beauty couch will emphasize the exclusive design of your office.

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power input

100 W max

Number of sections

4 (headboard; hip section; leg section; armrests)

Maximum load

250 kg

Headboard angle

from 0о tо 45 о

The angle of elevation of the hip section and leg section

from 0о tо 30 о

Lifting height of the body part

400 mm

Armrest lowering level

100 mm

КлProtection class

IP 31

Overall dimensions of the product (W * D * H)

750 mm*1935 mm*810 mm

Net weight

84,15 kg

Depth layer height

50 mm



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