Caviar Repro Age 10х2ml

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Caviar Repro Age 10х2ml

Innovative ampule concentrate for face care Caviar Repro Age

The advanced ampules containing peptides are specially developed by German professionals for effective rejuvenation, resurfacing and tightening of your skin. For several years now ampoules have been used more and more in cosmetics. The ampoules consist of highly concentrated active ingredients for different skin needs. Ampoules care is highly effective and uncomplicated. They are almost magical due to their immediate effect!

 The Benefits of facial ampoules Caviar Repro Age

A key component of the ampoule concentrate is the revolutionary peptide complex of the repro ageTM complex, which can influence data reading from DNA. In other words, it supports the stimulation of stem cell-related genes in epidermal cells. It starts the process of self-renewal of cells, as this ability decreases with age.

Also, highly active substances are part of the professional skin care product that can not only stop the aging process, but also rejuvenate the skin, return it its healthy and fresh look.

The effectiveness of the use of ampoule concentrate for the face Caviar Repro Age:

  • Enhancing of skin cell renewal
  • Intensive rejuvenation and strengthening of the skin structure
  • Tightening and smoothing
  • Slowing of the ageing process and complete restoration and regeneration of cells
  • Improving of the complexion

Used for mature skin.

The pH value is approx. 5.5-6.0.

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