AV-2000 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine

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AV-2000 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine

Innovative AV-2000 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine  provides hydro jet skin peeling. Compressed oxygen, carbon dioxide and water solution under the high pressure comes out of the nozzle that provides the effect of skin peeling. It is possible to use different types of solutions for the skin treatment. Hydro jet peeling provides lymphatic drainage effect, peel-off clarifying of the skin. Besides, aqua jet peeling is a kind of face massage that makes the skin look healthier and radiant.

Key features of AV-2000

AV-2000 is specially designed to run

  • aqua jet peeling
  • ultrasonic therapy

Hydro Jet peeling helps to get rid of different skin blemishes such as:

  1. Enlarged pores, acne, comedones
  2. Skin puffiness
  3. Skin pigmentation
  4. Pitted acne scars
  5. Expression lines
  6. Skin aging

Treatment benefits

  • Noninvasiveness
  • Painlessness
  • Effectiveness
  • Hygeian
  • Hypoallerginicity
  • Flexibility (possibility to use different kind of solutions)

Treatment description

The first step before running the treatment is to clean the skin of the patient. After that it is necessary to apply the toner solution on the skin in order to prepare the skin surface for the provided treatment. This aesthetic treatment is based on the influence of saline or other type of solution that under the high pressure comes out of the nozzle and provides the effect of skin peeling. The operator gently treats the necessary skin areas. When the treatment is finished, it is necessary to apply skin protection solution on the skin surface. The solution is chosen according to the patient’s skin type.

Such aqua jet peeling is also appropriate for such sensitive areas as areas of lips and eyes. The operator could regulate the intensity of the peeling by changing the distance between the nozzle and treated skin surface. AV-2000 helps to get rid of different types of skin blemishes. Such treatment is appropriate for any age group of patients.

Ultrasonic therapy in AV-2000 

The ultrasonic treatment enables to inject active skin products into superficial layer of the skin with the help of ultrasonic wave. The phonophoresis provides the warm-up, deep micro-massage on the cellular level, nutrition  the tissues with oxygen, improves elasticity, accelerates local blood flow and immunological responses.

Effects of the ultrasonic therapy procedures

  • deep non-invasive injection of cosmetic serums
  • skin elasticity and skin tightness improvement
  • lifting and micromassage
  • improvement of local blood flow
  • lymphatic drainage – removal of edemas
  • reduction of couperosis manifestations
  • reduction of cellulite manifestations
  • elimination of excessive sebum

The AV-2000 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine provides painless, highly effective, noninvasive aesthetic treatment. You will be satisfied for sure with quality and effectiveness of the AV-2000, produced by the Czech company ALVI PRAGUE.

Functions of the device

hydro jet peeling,

finely dispersed mesotherapy,

ultrasonic therapy

Jet peeling parameters

Pressure created by the compressor

up to 8.0 bar

The pressure created on patient's skin

up to 5.0 bar

Air flow

> 280 m/sec

Ultrasonic head parameters

Ultrasonic vibration frequency

1-3 mHz

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

610 W max


Protection class

protection class


Net dimensions (W*L*H)

460*605*1050 mm

Net weight

40 kg

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