Tri Moisture Hyaluronic acid moisturizing ampoules 10х2ml

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Tri Moisture Hyaluronic acid moisturizing ampoules 10х2ml

Hyaluronic acid for beauty, health and youthfulness of the skin

The success of treatment services highly depends on the esthetician's skills and the correctly selected professional cosmetics. Moisturizing ampoules with hyaluronic acids Tri Moisture are widely used in RF-lifting, non-invasive mesotherapy, microcurrent therapy.

The peculiarity of the moisturizing ampoules of the German company IBBG Beauty Brands is that the beautician receives a choice of hyaluronic acid of three levels of molecular size - high molecular weight, low molecular weight and nanomolecular. Each fraction of hyaluronic acid solves specific tasks for the treatment, healing and rejuvenation of different skin types. An additional therapeutic and prophylactic effect is provided by the cactus extract, which is part of the preparation.

How does hyaluronic acid work?

Hyaluronic acid is a complex organic polymer found primarily in the joints and skin of warm-blooded animals and humans. It plays a decisive role in maintaining stable tissue hydrodynamics. With age, the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid decreases, which leads to fluid deficiency, poor nutrition and aging of the skin. The external supply of hyaluronic acid to the skin helps to restore moisture balance. Moisturizing treatments using ampoules with concentrate are an important part of anti-aging therapy.

Why are the three types of hyaluronic acid needed?

The concentration of hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix is individual. It depends on internal and external factors. Intense sun exposure, and even more so sunburn, drastically reduce the amount of hyaluronate, the skin dries and ages much faster. Skin type also affects the aging process. That is why, for the first time in cosmetology practice, our German partners have proposed the use of moisturizing ampoules with hyaluronic acids of three fractions.

Indications for use

Moisturizing ampoules with hyaluronic acids are prescribed for patients with the following disorders and aesthetic problems:

  • excessive dryness of the skin;
  • flaking of the skin;
  • uneven relief and uneven complexion;
  • reduction of skin turgor;
  • the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

Moisturizing and rejuvenating procedures using hyaluronic acid are completely safe, non-invasive and do not cause allergic reactions.

Why should you buy moisturizing ampoules from us?

ALVI PRAGUE is a leading manufacturer of high-tech equipment for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. We carefully check the quality of our devices and consumables compatible with them, including professional cosmetics. Having decided to buy moisturizing ampoules with hyaluronic acids from us, you will receive:

  1. High quality product from a well-known European developer of aesthetic equipment.
  2. Clinically proven drug adaptation to our brand equipment.
  3. Cosmetics in convenient packaging - 10 ampoules of 2 ml of concentrate in each.

We are at a distance of one call!

Moisturizing ampoules with hyaluronic acids Tri Moisture 2ml * 10 received excellent reviews from cosmetologists and patients.

The company's specialists will conduct face-to-face and online training for your staff, telling you how to safely store the concentrate and carry out moisturizing and rejuvenating procedures using different types of cosmetic equipment. We ship the cosmetics worldwide.

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