Anti-Pollution Ampoules for oily problem skin 10х2ml

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Anti-Pollution Ampoules for oily problem skin 10х2ml

Oily skin is no longer a problem!

Regardless of the type and cause of the skin issue, the treatment of problem skin requires an integrated approach. Ampoules for oily problem skin Anti-Pollution are a concentrated cosmetic product that increases tissue resistance, reduces inflammation and promotes healing of problem areas without scarring. The concentrate contained in the ampoules was developed by our German partner IBBG Beauty Brands, clinically tested and certified in the European Union.

Oily skin - risks and problems

Oily skin occurs due to excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, usually against the background of endocrine disorders, non-observance of hygiene standards and healthy diet. The surface of the skin becomes a place of active reproduction of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora, which causes inflammation. This presents for the individual both a moral and a purely medical problem due to the danger of the spread of infection throughout the body.

Ampoules for oily problem skin allow you to radically fight infection, stimulate local immunity, and improve the condition and trophism of tissues. It should be noted that cosmetics do not have antibiotic properties, its purpose is to increase the natural resistance of oily skin vulnerable to external aggression.

Description of ampoule cosmetics

Ampoules for oily problem skin Anti-Pollution  with a volume of 2 ml are packaged in 10 pieces per set. The product is used with Non-invasive mesotherapy, microcurrent therapy and RF-lifting machines.

The turquoise blue ampoule contains two different anti-pollution agents. The first one is made from the extract of Andorn (Marrubium Vulgare Extract) and is characterized by its four different modes of action.

Marrubium Vulgare Extract

  • It protects the skin cells against the penetration of harmful substances
  • Removes and neutralizes harmful oxidants, which can damage protein and lipid structures.
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and stimulates the formation of the skin's own antioxidants.
  • Regenerates cell metabolism by adjusting energy levels and reducing inflammatory skin.

The second active ingredient, extracted from Padina pavonica algae extract, aims at maintaining an intact skin structure. In order for the skin to achieve an optimal barrier effect, the connection and communication structures must be intact. The active ingredient targets these special cell structures, which are responsible for the mechanical resistance of the epidermis.  Even with advancing age, the cells lose their organizational structures. Thus, in addition to an improved barrier effect, the active ingredient provides an anti-aging effect by reducing the signs of aging skin.

Intended for professional use only in beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine.

Benefits of ampoule cosmetics

Ampoules for oily problem skin are developed by a leading European manufacturer of hardware cosmetics. We offer you to purchase a first-class therapeutic and prophylactic agent, which has been highly appreciated by experts and grateful feedback from patients.

Oily skin problems, especially acne and post-acne, are a traditional concern of patients. By offering an effective method to eliminate an unpleasant problem, you will increase the popularity of your salon or office and confirm your commitment to advanced methods of treatment services.

We offer to buy ampoules for oily problem skin at the manufacturer's price with worldwide delivery. At your request, an expert of the ALVIPRAGUE company will conduct training for your employees in our showroom or online. We guarantee the compatibility of ampoules with all equipment of our brand, where ampoule concentrates are used.

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