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T-10 High Frequency Machine

High Frequency therapy is a unique treatment that could be used individually or combi..

$ 390 Ex Tax: $ 390

T-09 Skin Brushing Machine

It's ideal for sloughing dead cells and removing the dirt that clings to your skin surface. T-09..

$ 345 Ex Tax: $ 345

T-07 LED Light Therapy Machine

The LED Light therapy is an effective method of aesthetic treatment that is wildly used in cosm..

$ 520 Ex Tax: $ 520

T-06 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

What is Diamond Peeling? Diamond Peeling is the removal of dead skin with the aid of specially de..

$ 537 Ex Tax: $ 537

T-05 Hot-Cold Therapy Machine

Contrast thermal stimulation with cold and hot is recognized worldwide as one of the most effec..

$ 520 Ex Tax: $ 520

T-04 Galvaniс Treatment Machine

Galvanic aesthetic therapy is based on the influence of constant electric current of low intens..

$ 520 Ex Tax: $ 520

T-02 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Our T-02 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber recommended itself as efficient, safe and non-invasive&n..

$ 548 Ex Tax: $ 548

T-03 professional Electrocautery Machine

Electrocoagulation is one of the most popular and safe method to remove neoplasm that..

$ 514 Ex Tax: $ 514

T-01 Vacuum-Roller Massage

Vacuum-roller massage combines both aesthetic and therapeutic effect, which influences on body ..

$ 599 Ex Tax: $ 599

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