Vacuum-Roller Massage KES MED-360

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Vacuum-Roller Massage KES MED-360

KES MED-360: non-surgical lifting and rejuvenation

Vacuum-roller massage is a radical alternative to corrective plastic surgery and painful invasive procedures! Evaluate the new features of the KES MED-360 massage device for comprehensive body therapy:

  • vacuum for intense skin stimulation;
  • deep massage with rollers to start cellular processes;
  • emission in the radio frequency range;
  • IR-emision;
  • directed diode waves.

 Only new equipment from the manufacturer, under warranty and with free training: touch the future today!

Vacuum-Roller Massage KES MED-360

One platform, multiple technologies

The KES MED-360 device is the best choice for a beauty parlor, beauty salon or spa center. This is a full-fledged massage center that combines the most popular technologies for non-invasive recovery and skin lifting:

  • Intensive face and body massage – vacuum plus roller massage.
  • RF lifting.
  • Infrared heating.
  • LED light therapy.

Universal technique for skin rejuvenation. The combined vacuum-roller massage technique has proven to be effective compared to classical massages. Vacuuming the area that is being rolled increases tissue susceptibility and accelerates the destruction of fat cells. The device of vacuum-roller massage can be used both for regular care procedures and for a radical transformation of the contours of the face and body.

vacuum roller massage machine KES MED-360

Work with the whole body

The roller massage machine  is a full-fledged portable massage station. Four operation handpieces are designed to destroy fat deposits, treat puffiness and start natural regeneration processes for the skin of the face and body. It is enough to buy a KES MED-360 vacuum-roller massage device and undergo training in order to offer full massage courses:

  • problem areas (sides, abdomen, inner surface of the skin, etc.);
  • the whole body (for weight loss, relaxation, removal of excess water);
  • neck, face contouring - non-surgical lifting;
  • delicate skin around the eyes - eyelid massage, rejuvenation, work with imperfections.
KES MED-360 vacuum massage machine

Indications for use

The KES MED 360 vacuum slimming machine is suitable for complex treatment and activation of the natural reserves of the skin. This is a highly efficient installation for solving a number of tasks:

  • dull complexion, pigmentation disorders;
  • dry, tired skin;
  • increased secretion of sebum;
  • swelling of the face, body;

Roller massage with vacuum processing has proven effective as an aid to body shaping. In the fight against excess weight, the device acts as an accelerator of the natural processes of destruction of fat cells. The effect is achieved locally with regular repetition of vacuum-roller stimulation.

roller massage machine KES MED-360

Full control with KES MED-360

Our experience allows us to recommend buying the latest version of the vacuum-roller massage machine even to salons and massage rooms that did not offer electric massage services before. A unique platform from a top manufacturer combines high performance, intuitive interface and deep control capabilities.

Four massage handpieces of different sizes work completely independently of each other, and contain different sets of functions, corresponding to the zoning of the massage on the vacuum roller machine. You can control the process using a convenient touch screen or buttons on each working handpiece.

vacuum slimming machine KES MED-360

KES MED-360 device: excellent performance + reliability

Why more and more skin care specialists choose the KES MED vacuum roller? The answer is simple: this is the first massage platform that fully meets the needs of aestheticians and massage therapists and their clients. Reasons why you should buy this device:

  1. Combined vacuum-roller massage is more effective than standard massage techniques. The patient gets the desired result in fewer procedures.
  2. The amazing synergy of high-intensity roller massage technology and vacuum treatment allows you to deal with complex problems and complex imperfections that were previously treated only surgically.
  3. Vacuum roller treatments do not require anesthesia or additional protective equipment.
slimming machine med KES MED-360

Comprehensive massage for perfect skin

The vacuum-roller machine KES MED-360 today has no full-fledged analogues on the European market. This is an original development that allows for simultaneous skin treatment at all levels:

  • exposure to vacuum awakens the skin and subcutaneous layers;
  • roller stimulation accelerates metabolic processes, drives away swelling;
  • Radiofrequency warms up deep, hard-to-reach layers;
  • IR light stimulates metabolic processes in the upper layers of the skin;
  • LED-light gently starts the regeneration of the skin, stimulates natural rejuvenation.
Vacuum-Roller Massage KES MED-360 Comprehensive massage for perfect skin

The result of using the vacuum-roller massage device KES MED-360

A course of rejuvenating vacuum-roller lifting massage can be recommended to patients of any age and skin type. Already after the first procedure, the skin looks refreshed, the contours of the face and body are improved. A visible result encourages the client to buy the full course.

Results oftreatment course:

  • saturation of tissues with oxygen, acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • lymph and blood flow improvement;
  • launch of regeneration processes;
  • the body's own production of collagen;
  • getting rid of puffiness;
  • local increase in skin immunity.
result of using the vacuum-roller massage device KES MED-360

Excellent well-being and excellent mood - as a gift!

The results of  vacuum-roller massage treatment are visible after the first treatment session: the skin continues intensive rejuvenation and fluid removal. What does this mean in practice:

  • healthy complexion, freshness and high tone;
  • skin tightening;
  • fewer skin rashes due to raising local immunity;
  • reduce oilness and blackheads (when processing the face);
  • perdect body shaping and slimming

Buying KES MED-360 means getting a major competitive advantage - and a constant flow of grateful customers.

kes vacuum slimming KES MED-360

Full set: everything you need at the start!

The philosophy of the brand is comfort and safety at all levels. The device of vacuum-roller massage meets all safety criteria of consumer control services of the European Union. This is a fully adapted equipment that will not raise questions even from the most stringent inspection.

The standard package of the vacuum-roller machine includes:

  • 4 different-sized handpieces for comprehensive massage;
  • replaceable filters for the device;
  • touch screen for control and status monitoring;
  • preprogrammed massage modes;
  • interface for creating your own massage programs;
  • two-stage cooling for fast and safe alternation of procedures.
Vacuum-Roller Massage KES MED-360 Full set

Why is it worth buying the KES MED-360 device?

The vacuum-roller massage device KES MED 360 represents a new standard for combined massage procedures. The equipment meets high quality requirements:

  • full compliance of the device with the certification standards of the European Union;
  • updated technologies of deep vacuum-roller skin massage for a prolonged effect;
  • accelerated switching between procedures with a reduced rest period;
  • built-in security systems to prevent overheating and mechanical breakdowns;
  • protection against deenergization of the device, voltage surges;
  • premium package.

One year warranty includes maintenance and repairs.

Vacuum-Roller Massage KES MED-360 buying


220-240 V

Network Frequency

50 Hz

Power supply

750 W max.

Roller speed

Up to 36 rpm

Vacuum power

0,1 mPa

RF frequency

10 MHz

RF energy

Up to 50 W

LED light wavelength on the handpieces No. 1, No. 2, No. 3

750 nm

IR wavelength on the handpieces No.1 and No. 2

1000 µm

LED power

0,5 W (on each diode)

IR energy

Up to 20 W

Spot size:

hp No. 1

hp No. 2

hp No. 3

hp No. 4

56*80,5 mm

34,5*48 mm

18*25 mm

8,5*15 mm

Protection class


Net dimensions

560 mm*470 mm*1100 mm

Net weight

51 kg

Main components



1 pc


Power cord

1 pc


Food pedal with a cable

1 pc


HP No. 1

1 pc


HP No. 2

1 pc


HP No. 3

1 pc


HP No. 4

1 pc


HP No. 4 and No. 4 supports

2 pcs


Clamp for HP No. 3 and HP No. 4

2 pcs


Spring fastening for wires maniples No. 1 and No. 2 to plastic supports

2 pcs


Clamp for HP No. 2

1 pc


User manual

1 pc



Spare filter for handpieces

4 pcs

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