Miracle Synergy Fractional&Matrix RF Micro Needle Machine

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Miracle Synergy Fractional&Matrix RF Micro Needle Machine

Miracle Synergy

Miracle Synergy Fractional and matrix RF lifting device is an impressive novelty from engineers and designers of the Czech-Ukrainian joint venture Alvi Prague designed a harmonious combination of two types of radio frequency (RF) lifting. One radiofrequency handpiece of the device performs fractional or microneedle action on the skin. The second nozzle, also equipped with a radio wave emitter, works in a contact matrix method, which is traditional for radiofrequency lifting.

What is radiofrequency lifting?

Fractional and matrix RF lifting is based on the effect of radio frequency (RF) exposure on the epidermis and dermis. RF stands for radio frequency. Scientists have found that an intense narrowly directed radio signal of a certain frequency and power has a completely invisible to the individual, but a powerful stimulating effect on tissues. The therapy uses roughly the same principle as the microwave oven. Radio waves make the water molecules contained in the tissues vibrate resonantly. At resonance, heat is released, which denatures proteins, activates blood and lymph flow, and boosts cellular immunity. Protein coagulation leads to tissue hardening and the synthesis of fresh skin matrix. The cover becomes denser and more elastic, its color and relief improve, wrinkles and stretch marks are smoothed out.

Matrix radiofrequency lifting

The traditional technique of radio frequency (RF) tightening is the non-invasive impact of the matrix with a set of wave-generating electrodes. The program built into the device automatically controls the current strength and pulse frequency depending on the tasks set by the specialist. In the Miracle Synergy device, which we offer to buy, the functional handpiece of the matrix radiofrequency (RF) tightening contains 49 needle electrodes.

The generated pulse power ranges from 2.8 to 42.2 W. The frequency is fixed - 1.18 MHz. The duration of exposure is from 1 to 120 ms, the pauses between impulses are from 0.1 to 3 seconds. The advantage of the matrix technique is the combination of high therapeutic efficacy and complete painlessness and safety. The current strength in the electrodes during RF-lifting does not exceed 100 mA. Matrix radiofrequency (RF) lifting has a minimum of contraindications.

Fractional radiofrequency (RF) lifting

In contrast to the stationary matrix head, the fractional lifting head contains a movable cartridge with 0.2 mm gold-plated microneedles. The cartridge works on the principle of a sewing machine shuttle, applying at a high frequency 25 or 49 micro needles at once to specified areas of the skin. The puncture depth varies from 0.1 mm to 4 mm depending on the purpose of the procedure. Together with microneedling, there is a basic radiofrequency exposure. In combination, this gives the synergistic effect, which is encrypted in the name of the device.

Precautionary measures

Microneedle lifting refers to minimally invasive procedures, however, piercing requires the use of local anesthesia and leaves marks on the skin, which disappear within 2-3 days. When prescribing fractional radiofrequency (RF) lifting, it should be taken into account all the pros and cons and possible temporary inconveniences of microneedle rejuvenation. Fractional therapy is not recommended for people with very thin sensitive skin. For more information on all indications and contraindications for matrix and microneedle lifting, see the user manual that comes with the Miracle Synergy device.

Dimensional and technical characteristics

  • Net weight of the device -  16,8 kg
  • Net dimensions 390 x 447 x 340 mm
  • Gross weight – 18,5 kg
  • Gross dimensions -  555 x 475 x 575 mm

Both microneedle and matrix radiofrequency (RF) lifting involves a wide range of modes of intensity of radio frequency exposure and many programs for varying the frequency and power of pulses.


Alvi Prague customers have the opportunity to buy a fractional and matrix RF lifting device with a set of consumables for the first 15 treatments. The set includes five disposable handpieces for fractional (microneedle), invasive and non-invasive matrix radiofrequency (RF) lifting. As stocks of consumables are depleted or immediately at the time of ordering, you can buy additional attachments for both types of radio frequency (RF) lifting.

Equipment advantages

To buy Miracle Synergy fractional and matrix RF lifting means to get the latest tool for prevention of skin aging and elimination of aesthetic defects at the price of "2 in 1". In addition to the immediate financial benefit, you will save space in your office or salon.

Stylish futuristic design of the device will attract the attention of patients and confirm your commitment to the latest techniques of beauty industry.

Free training

Fractional and matrix RF lifting device is a sophisticated aesthetic equipment for professional use. We offer the most advanced and comprehensive complimentary Online Training Course after the purchase of Alvi Prague equipment. We will provide you with the Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete your online training course.

We deliver our equipment worldwide.

Functions of the device

Fractional RF;

Matrix RF

RF energy

2,8 W-42,2 W

RF energy levels



1,18 МГц

Duration of RF exposure

1-120 ms

Pause between RF exposure

0,1-3 s

Amperage max.

100 mА

Parameters of the device

Protection class


Net dimensions

390*447*340 mm

Net weight

16,8 kg

Gross dimensions

555*475*575 mm

Gross weight

19,5 kg

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