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Carboxytherapy machines: applications, features, and equipment capabilities

In cosmetology, carboxytherapy machines are used for rejuvenation procedures and to eliminate skin imperfections and signs of aging. During sessions, skin cells are saturated with oxygen, which accelerates tissue regeneration and improves blood circulation.

How carboxy therapy machines work

The carboxytherapy procedure is conducted as follows: a preparation containing a high percentage of carbon dioxide is injected into the subcutaneous layers. This signals the body that there is a lack of oxygen in the cells. As a result, cells are saturated with oxygen, blood circulation improves, and collagen production is activated.

Our range includes carboxytherapy machines for both injection and non-injection procedures. In the first case, carbon dioxide is introduced using injections. Each carboxytherapy machine is equipped with a pneumatic system that regulates the amount of CO2 delivered, ensuring even saturation of cells with carbon dioxide.

Carboxytherapy machines for non-invasive procedures ensure the penetration of the preparation into the deep skin layers through oxygen diffusion. The advantages of this method include painlessness and the absence of papules after injections. Which carboxytherapy machine to buy depends on the cosmetologist's preferences.

carboxytherapy machines

It is also worth noting that the manufacturer's range includes models that allow not only carbon dioxide treatment but also other types of procedures. You can buy machines with functions for:

A multifunctional carboxytherapy machine allows you to expand the range of rejuvenation procedures and provide services in strict compliance with the highest European standards.

Problems addressed by carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy has been used since the 1950s. It is a proven method with minimal contraindications. A carboxytherapy machine can be used to address the following issues:

  • Age-related manifestations (skin laxity, fine lines, dull complexion);
  • Acne;
  • Excessive skin dryness;
  • Excessive sebaceous gland activity.

A carboxytherapy machine can be used for facial and body rejuvenation. Thanks to the high effectiveness of the sessions, you will have satisfied clients and quickly recoup the cost of the cosmetic equipment.

As for contraindications, a carboxytherapy machine should not be used in the presence of the following problems:

  • Skin diseases in the acute stage and skin integrity violations in the treatment area;
  • Elevated body temperature, blood pressure, any malaise, and acute conditions;
  • Diabetes;
  • Blood coagulation disorders;
  • Severe cardiovascular pathologies and vital organ issues;
  • Oncological diseases.

Before using a carboxytherapy machine, the cosmetologist must identify any contraindications to the procedures.

How to choose the right carboxytherapy machine

The procedure of injecting carbon dioxide to oxygenate cells has long been used for rejuvenation, boosting immunity, and treating skin and joint diseases. By deciding to buy a carboxytherapy machine, you can be confident that your clients will eagerly sign up for effective procedures. However, to ensure the effectiveness of the sessions, you should carefully choose the cosmetic equipment. Follow these principles:

  • Well-known global brands with an impeccable reputation in the hardware cosmetology market. The price of a carboxytherapy machine will be higher than that of Chinese "products," but in the end, you will benefit from the effectiveness of the procedures and the long service life of the cosmetic machine.
  • Availability of additional features. It is convenient when one carboxytherapy machine allows for a wide range of procedures. You won't need to clutter the office with extra devices and equipment.
  • Availability of individual settings. The ability to customize programs to the individual characteristics of patients will help achieve desired results faster.
  • Manufacturer's warranty.
  • High-quality materials, stylish design, and well-thought-out construction of the handpieces.
  • Constant availability of consumables for the procedures.

Advantages and features of carboxytherapy machines

If you need a carboxytherapy machine that meets these requirements, contact Alvi Prague. We offer modern multifunctional machines or monofunctional machines developed by leading engineers under the guidance of experienced cosmetologists. Our products are distinguished by:

  • High effectiveness;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Compact size;
  • Expanded functionality;
  • Reliable components;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Convenient, intuitive settings;
  • Quick payback.

You can buy a carboxytherapy machine at manufacturer prices and also undergo free training and receive a certificate.

carboxytherapy machines alvi prague

Benefits of buying a carboxy therapy machine from Alvi Prague

By contacting Alvi Prague, buyers can expect a range of free services that significantly enhance business profitability and cosmetologist qualifications. In addition to training, we offer:

  • Equipment testing. In our showroom in Kyiv, you can practically try out how the carboxytherapy machine works, see the simplicity of settings and mode switching, and evaluate the equipment's effectiveness.
  • Participation in masterclasses and training programs conducted by the company for its clients.
  • Timely information about new rejuvenation technologies, released machines, and innovative professional products.
  • Assistance in calculating the optimal price for each procedure, considering the salon's location. Our specialists will help set a price that quickly recoups the carboxytherapy machine and attracts new clients to your clinic or office.
  • Informational support is provided throughout the equipment's operational life.

You can order a carboxytherapy machine by placing an order on our official website or contacting the company's representatives. We guarantee fast delivery of cosmetic equipment to any country in Europe and the USA.

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