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RF micro needle machine

Microneedle and matrix fractional RF lifting from Alvi Prague is one of the most popular categories of premium cosmetology equipment. The method of combined hardware physiotherapy allows in a short time to solve problems of an aesthetic and medical nature in adult patients of all age categories. Microneedle and matrix RF-lifting is applicable on all skin types, both on the face and on the body. Positive changes are noticeable after a course of three to four sessions with an interval of 2-4 weeks.

What is fractional RF lifting?

Devices for microneedle fractional RF-lifting are equipped with three functional handpieces:

  • a handpiece with a microneedle cartridge for an invasive complex effect on the epidermis and dermis;
  • a handpiece with matrix nozzle for non-invasive radiofrequency exposure;
  • an addisionary handpiece with a cryogenic (cooling) semiconductor element Cryo Touch.

The task of the last one is to quickly reduce the temperature in the affected area and prevent burns, swelling and excessive protein coagulation. Tissue heating creations the radio wave generators, the active terminal elements of which are located in the needles of the first type handpiece and in the matrix electrodes of the second type handpieces.

The abbreviation RF means a Radio Frequency. The frequency range emitted by the wave generator varies from 470 kHz to 6 MHz.


Microneedle cartridge

The microneedle fractional handpiece bears the main load during hardware procedures. A cartridge with a set of disposable cosmetic needles up to 4 mm long and no more than 300 microns thick and a radio wave generator work together. The cartridge, like the shuttle of a sewing machine, reciprocates, leaving micro-punctures on the skin. Their depth and the distance between the needles are adjusted when setting up the device before the procedure.

In a set of one handpiece up to 16 sets of needles. They are divided into two types: isolated and non-isolated. In the first case, only the tips of the needles act as a source of radio waves, the rest of the surface is covered with a very thin layer of dielectric. When punctured, such a needle generates maximum heat in the deep layer of the dermis. Uninsulated needles radiate energy as a whole, it is distributed evenly.

Matrix cartridge

Matrix fractional RF lifting involves only superficial radiofrequency exposure without violating the integrity of the skin. In the fractional mode, radiofrequency exposure is carried out without penetration of the emitting needles into the skin. This is a more gentle regimen that can be alternated with invasive RF lifting or administered separately, for example. Patients with very thin skin. Both with microneedle and matrix RF-lifting, wave generation is possible in two modes - monopolar and bipolar.

Synergistic effect of microneedle and matrix RF lifting

Combined procedures today are an unconditional trend in hardware cosmetology. Devices for microneedle fractional RF lifting harmoniously combined the stimulating effect of micropunctures and the warming effect of radio waves. The highlight of the technique is that the gold-plated needles of the cartridge act as direct sources of emission, which, at the moment of puncture, acts on the skin as if from the inside. The frequency of movements is adjusted depending on the goals of the procedure.

How it works?

As a result of the shuttle movements of the microneedle cartridge, peculiar “columns” up to 4 mm deep appear in the dermis. Surrounding the "column" tissue under the influence of radio waves of non-insulated needles are heated to a temperature of 52-55°C. The intensity and depth of heating depends on the frequency of the wave. Low frequency provides deeper heating, high frequency - superficial.

When the specified temperature values are reached, protein macromolecules are coagulated, collagen fibers are compacted and compressed. As a result of exposure to the handpieces of the device for microneedle fractional and matrix RF lifting, the following effect is provided:

  • the skin becomes younger and healthier;
  • turgor increases (skin elasticity);
  • the tone of mimic muscles increases;
  • the mode of accelerated renewal of the skin matrix is turned on.


Micropunctures stimulate local metabolism, activate blood supply to tissues. The relief of the skin improves, wrinkles, folds, small post-acne scars, gravitational ptosis are eliminated.


Does microneedle RF lifting have any side effects?

Fractional lifting with microneedles is an invasive procedure, but the client's discomfort during its implementation cannot be compared with the "suffering" from mechanical or chemical peeling or "beauty shots". The minimum thickness of the matrix needles is a guarantee that the wound channels are tightened within a few hours without any visible marks. Immediately after the procedure, hyperemia of the skin is inevitable, but after restoration, the skin acquires a natural healthy shade.

Pain during microneedle RF-lifting is moderate, local anesthesia is used at the request of the patient. Infection of tissues in the treatment area is excluded. For each session of fractional RF-lifting, the cosmetologist takes a sterile cartridge with disposable needles, before and after the procedure, the skin is treated with an antiseptic.

Matrix RF lifting is non-invasive by default, thermal exposure during the procedure cannot damage the skin.

Needle RF-lifting - advantages over other methods

Devices for microneedle fractional RF lifting are noticeably more effective than traditional radio frequency lifting devices. Acting as conductors, microneedles provide more intense and deeper tissue heating than an electrode that only touches the skin surface. The possibility of alternating handpieces and the use of insulated and non-insulated needles of different lengths open up the widest possibilities for the cosmetologist to vary the methods of physiotherapy.

Indications for the use of a needle rf lifting device

Fractional lifting with microneedles is prescribed for the following aesthetic and medical problems:

  • the appearance of facial wrinkles and folds on the face;
  • drooping of the upper eyelid, gravitational ptosis in other areas of the face;
  • double chin;
  • decrease in turgor (age-related and after losing weight);
  • the appearance of folds on the abdomen after the birth of a child or a sharp decrease in body weight;
  • flabbiness of the skin on the inner parts of the arms and legs, under the knees, etc.

Needle RF-lifting has shown effectiveness in the fight against post-acne.


Matrix RF-lifting contraindications

Microneedle radiofrequency lifting is not prescribed for exacerbations of inflammatory skin diseases and relapses of herpes, during acute infectious diseases and exacerbations of somatic pathologies. Absolute contraindications are oncological diseases, severe heart failure, epilepsy, and childhood. The procedure of fractional RF-lifting is not recommended for pregnant women.


Although matrix RF-lifting is a minimally invasive procedure, each session requires time for the wound channels to heal. In persons with very thin and sensitive skin, with capillaries close to the surface of the skin, recovery may take a longer time. Microneedle radiofrequency lifting should be prescribed to such patients, commensurate with the expected positive effect and possible domestic discomfort.



Microneedle RF-lifting devices from Alvi Prague

The technique of matrix RF-lifting was not born yesterday, the corresponding cosmetology equipment is widely represented on the market. What motivates health and beauty industry practitioners who practice fractional RF lifting to buy an Alvi Prague microneedle fractional RF lifting device? Here are reasons:

  1. The equipment of our brand is designed taking into account the safety requirements of the European Union.
  2. The line we offer includes RF-lifting devices with different functionality, parameters and prices. The equipment differs in the frequency range, configuration, dimensions and design, and other parameters.
  3. All devices of microneedle fractional RF-lifting can be tested free of charge in the showroom.
  4. The equipment of the matrix RF-lifting is provided with an 18-month warranty and "lifetime" information support.
  5. The Czech-Ukrainian company Alvi Prague is a direct developer and manufacturer of medical equipment. By adding microneedle RF-lifting to the list of services of your clinic or spa salon, you will buy the devices first hand!


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