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Quality skin cleansing, removal of dead cells, and deep pore cleaning are essential steps in skincare to maintain youth and beauty. Professional cleansing is carried out using a hydrodermabrasion machine; the procedure ensures effective peeling and is suitable even for sensitive and delicate skin.

Where hydrodermabrasion machines are used and indications

Hydrodermabrasion machines are recommended for use in beauty salons, clinics, and cosmetic offices. Quality cleansing enhances the effects of other rejuvenating procedures. Indications for hydro peeling include:

  • Thickening of the stratum corneum;
  • Excessive skin dryness;
  • Excessive activity of sebaceous glands;
  • Presence of comedones;
  • Post-acne marks and other imperfections;
  • Swelling;
  • Dull complexion.

By using a vacuum hydro peeling machine as an additional or standalone procedure, a cosmetologist can help a patient get rid of such signs of aging as fine wrinkles, under-eye bags, and enlarged pores. Improvement in complexion and increased skin firmness are also observed.

How is the rejuvenation procedure performed on a hydrodermabrasion machine?

Hydrodermabrasion machines combine the functions of vacuum hydro and diamond peeling. The procedure is carried out as follows:

  1. An active cosmetic serum is applied to the skin, providing cleansing and vitamin enrichment.
  2. The handpiece is equipped with a hole where, under the influence of vacuum, moisture residues, impurities, and dead cells are suctioned. Thus, the hydrodermabrasion machine performs gentle peeling.
  3. Additional impact is provided by diamond tips.

In addition to cleansing, hydrodermabrasion provides a massaging effect that normalizes blood circulation and restores lymph flow, increasing muscle tone. Vacuum hydro peeling machines help make the skin fresh, younger, and improve complexion. If you want to enhance the effect of your procedures, you should buy a hydrodermabrasion machine. Easy-to-use equipment helps achieve the desired result faster.

Hydrodermabrasion machine: types and capabilities

Alvi Prague offers innovative multifunctional hydrodermabrasion machines. Our equipment is developed by leading engineers, tested by cosmetologists, and its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous clinical trials. Each hydrodermabrasion machine is a multifunctional cosmetic combine that allows the following procedures:

  • Diamond dermabrasion;
  • Hydro peeling;
  • Vacuum massage.

By deciding to buy a hydrodermabrasion machine, you get effective equipment that meets the strictest international standards.

hydrodermabrasion machines

Expressed effect after the first procedure

One of the key advantages provided by hydrodermabrasion is the pronounced effect after the very first procedure. Cosmetologist clients note significant improvement in complexion, elimination of under-eye bags and swelling, skin begins to "breathe," and fine wrinkles and folds are noticeably smoothed out.

It is also worth noting that the hydro peeling procedure on the machine is pleasant, completely painless, and has a minimal list of contraindications. It is not recommended to use a hydrodermabrasion machine for patients:

  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • With severe cardiovascular system pathologies;
  • With diabetes and severe systemic diseases;
  • With skin diseases and violations of skin integrity in the treatment area;
  • In acute conditions: fever, high blood pressure, headaches, and any malaise;
  • Intolerance to serum components.

The peeling and deep skin cleansing procedure is one of the basics. By deciding to buy a hydrodermabrasion machine, you can attract more visitors to your office. The equipment pays for itself quickly and brings stable profit.

What to look for when choosing a hydrodermabrasion machine

Many companies offer hydrodermabrasion machines. However, you cannot always be sure that you are purchasing equipment of the proper quality. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Manufacturer: A modern hydrodermabrasion machine is a complex cosmetic equipment. Its production requires innovative manufacturing and a whole team of personnel engaged in development and testing. Therefore, give preference to brands with an impeccable reputation.
  • Quality materials and components: The quality and ease of use of the handpieces directly affect the procedure's effectiveness.
  • Possibility of individual settings: It is important not only to select the serum according to the skin type and condition but also to adjust the hydrodermabrasion machine to the individual parameters of the patient.
  • Availability of quality certification and manufacturer's warranty.

Alvi Prague hydrodermabrasion machines fully meet all these requirements. We offer premium professional equipment that ensures the highest standards of cosmetic services.

Why buy a hydrodermabrasion machine from Alvi Prague?

Cooperation with Alvi Prague provides cosmetologists in Europe and the USA with numerous benefits and enhances the quality of client service. We offer not only to buy a vacuum hydro peeling machine and other premium equipment but also provide buyers with effective informational support throughout the entire operation period of the machines.

You can take advantage of the following services for free:

  • Equipment testing: Test the vacuum hydrodermabrasion machine in our showroom in Kyiv to ensure the procedure's effectiveness and ease of use.
  • Get professional consultation when selecting equipment: Our managers will explain the capabilities and functionality of the professional equipment and help choose and buy a hydrodermabrasion machine considering the specifics of your clinic.
  • Undergo free training: We will teach you how to use the vacuum hydro peeling machine, how to select the serum, and use the settings.
  • Participate in masterclasses and training programs: We regularly organize training events for our customers, allowing them to improve service quality and stay informed about the latest developments in hardware cosmetology.
  • Get an optimal procedure cost calculation: Our specialists will calculate the procedure price considering your salon's location, ensuring quick equipment payback and client attraction.

To buy a hydrodermabrasion machine, contact our company's managers or leave a request on the website. Consultants will provide detailed information about the terms of cooperation and coordinate the time and method of delivering cosmetic equipment to any country in Europe.

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