Pico lasers

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Pico laser Quasar TL-700 Neo

Multi-zone applications and complete safety. Pico laser Quasar TL-700 Neo is a laser of ne..

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Pico lasers

Picosecond lasers: features, capabilities and key benefits

Pico lasers are highly specialized equipment, capable of generating extremely short pulses of light energy of high peak power. Working in a wide spectrum of light emission, they demonstrate versatility and the most effective, painless solution to aesthetic problems.

Application of pico lasers

Picosecond lasers literally burst into the market of beauty equipment. Their effectiveness has already received FDA approval and certification in accordance with the requirements of European legislation, including Ukraine.

Picosecond lasers were originally created for tattoo removal and permanent makeup. However, in the course of numerous trials, quite interesting "side effects" were observed - a noticeable rejuvenation of the skin and the correction of its aesthetic defects. As a result, the scope of application of picosecond lasers has been significantly expanded and today they are used to solve a number of problems:

  • Removal of tattoo and permanent makeup.
  • Removal of pigment spots.
  • Rejuvenation of the face and body skin.
  • Сarbon peeling.

At the same time, the required result is achieved without damage to the integrity of the skin and severe pain, and the recovery period takes a minimum of time and does not require specific care.

Design features of pico lasers

We produce picosecond neodymium lasers capable of operating in a wide range of light emission (from 532 nm to 1064 nm), making them versatile for aesthetic skin concerns. In this case, the duration of 1 light pulse does not exceed 300 picoseconds, 500 picoseconds and 2 nanoseconds (depending on the model of equipment).

Our brand picosecond lasers are equipped with an optical fiber with a maximum rotation radius, which greatly facilitates the treatment. The equipment creates a light spot of small size (2-10 mm), allowing you to act on skin imperfections point-wise - without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Neodymium lasers with ultrashort pulse technology have an increased service life - up to 50,000,000 shots! This means that in the next 5-6 years or more, mega-popular treatments will be carried out in your beauty salon. They do not require the purchase of consumables, because we have equipped the picosecond laser with everything you need to remove a tattoo, rejuvenate the skin and correct its aesthetic defects.

How picosecond lasers work

The picosecond laser belongs to the category of the latest generation of photoacoustic lasers. The equipment creates ultra-short light pulses that act delicately - they are instantly absorbed by skin chromophores, without causing them significant heating. Under the influence of light energy, the coloring pigment of the tattoo, collagen, melanin and other chromophores simply expand rapidly, irreversibly changing their structure. At the same time, there is a destruction of the pigment of tattoos or a powerful stimulation of the renewal processes (depending on the goal pursued).

Efficiency of picosecond lasers

Unlike conventional neodymium lasers, picosecond lasers do not injure the cells of the epidermis and dermis, but only signal them about the danger of thermal damage. Thus, the process of reorganization of the cellular matrix is activated without heating its structures. And tattoos and permanent makeup are removed without significant heating of the coloring pigment.

The high speed of achieving the desired effect is one of the main benefits of a picosecond laser. Tattoo removal, rejuvenation, correction of defects give an instant result, which can be observed after 1 treatment! In the case of rejuvenation, the cumulative effect of the treatments is observed - the treatment results are increasing over the next 4-6 months.

The picosecond laser demonstrates the "cold" type of exposure. The treatments can be repeated once every 2 weeks. In this case, there are no pronounced pain sensations - the person feels a slight tingling sensation and saturated warmth. Therefore, local anesthesia is used only on demand - if the client has a low pain threshold.

7 reasons FOR the purchase

Buy a pic laser is a solution that can satisfy the requirements of both practicing cosmetologists and their clients. To prove this, we will give only 7 arguments in favor of an innovative neodymium laser.

  1. Versatility of equipment.
  2. Great demand for the treatments.
  3. High efficiency of application.
  4. Comfort, painlessness, lack of rehabilitation.
  5. Instant biological response and quick visible results.
  6. Economic efficiency - short payback period for picosecond laser.
  7. Increase in the number of customers.

Why is it important to buy a picosecond laser from us?

Because we are not just sellers, but manufacturers of professional beauty equipment. By purchasing a picosecond laser from us, you get:

  • Only certified equipment;
  • A full package of permits;
  • Adequate price;
  • Free education;
  • Continuous technical support throughout the entire service life of your equipment


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