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Shockwave therapy machines: applications, features, and benefits

Shockwave therapy machines (SWT) are professional physiotherapy equipment capable of converting electrical current from a standard outlet into directed mechanical impulses. Their application allows for impact on bones, cartilage, blood vessels, fatty tissue, and other acoustically dense structures of the body to achieve the desired effect.

Where are shockwave therapy machines used?

Shockwave therapy machines are indispensable in many fields of modern medicine and aesthetic cosmetology – traumatology, orthopedics, neurology, urology, body contouring, and more. Their use helps avoid surgical operations, prolonged treatment, and recovery during the therapy of a wide range of issues:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system – plantar fasciitis, deforming osteoarthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, etc.
  • Poor healing of fractures, wounds, ulcers, including in patients with diabetes.
  • Erectile dysfunctions and urological pathologies: Peyronie's disease, non-bacterial prostatitis, pelvic pain, etc.
  • Pain syndrome of various etiologies and localizations.
  • Aesthetic problems: cellulite, excess subcutaneous fat, skin aging, etc.

Shockwave therapy machines are relevant in sports and rehabilitation medicine. They help accelerate the body's recovery after exertion, injuries, tissue damage, and surgical operations.

shockwave therapy machines alvi prague

Features of shockwave therapy machines from Alvi Prague

Shockwave therapy machines of our brand are innovative models of pneumomechanical defocused equipment for the treatment, correction, prevention of pathologies, and physiotherapeutic procedures. They are equipped with an intelligent control system and a large number of pre-set programs. For effective impact on problem areas of the body, the following modes are provided:

  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Lumbar region
  • Fat accumulation
  • ED therapy

A wide choice of programs significantly simplifies the specialist's work. Essentially, they only need to turn on the shockwave therapy machine, select the relevant mode of impact, and treat the patient's (client's) problem area. For proper and maximally comfortable procedures, the medical equipment is equipped with a set of working attachments of various diameters. Their variability speeds up and facilitates the treatment of both extensive and hard-to-reach body areas.

Principle of operation of shockwave therapy machines

Medical equipment for SWT works from a regular electrical outlet, converting the electric current into high-amplitude mechanical impulses with a low pulse duration and a frequency of 1-21 Hz. They easily and painlessly penetrate the body's biological tissues. Reaching acoustically dense formations (bones, cartilage, fatty tissue, etc.), high-frequency vibrations mechanically impact them.

The principle of operation of the shockwave therapy machine can be compared to an intensive therapeutic massage, but it is conducted inside the body rather than on the surface. This allows for addressing not only the problem but also its causes – poor blood circulation, congestion, tissue trophic disorders, etc. The effectiveness of the therapy is significantly increased, reaching impressive rates of 80-85%.

Effectiveness of shockwave therapy machines

Depending on the power of the mechanical impulse, SWT can demonstrate destructive or stimulating effects.

  • Destructive effects:

    • Breakdown of calcified formations;
    • Destruction of bone growths;
    • Absorption of fibrous foci;
    • Breakdown of subcutaneous fat accumulations, etc.
  • Stimulating effects:

    • Improvement of local blood circulation processes;
    • Relief of spasms and pain;
    • Growth of microvessels;
    • Improvement of tissue trophism;
    • Increased resistance of musculoskeletal structures to injuries and loads;
    • Restoration of muscle tone;
    • Acceleration of regeneration and healing;
    • Acceleration of metabolic processes, etc.

For addressing specific problems, a course of SWT procedures is necessary. Its duration is individual for each patient (client). Typically, 3-5 sessions of shockwave therapy are sufficient, conducted once every 5-7 days.

advantages of shockwave therapy machines

Advantages of shockwave therapy machines

Buying a shockwave therapy machine is a relevant decision for several reasons. Firstly, the demand for SWT procedures. Their implementation significantly eases and shortens the treatment process. In certain cases, a timely course of shockwave therapy can replace surgical intervention and long-term medication use. This significantly improves patients' quality of life, relieving them of pain and making them more active.

Secondly, the benefits of the SWT method itself. When properly conducted, the procedures demonstrate several undeniable advantages:

  • High effectiveness – 80-85%.
  • Non-invasiveness – SWT does not cause pain or leave marks.
  • Safety for the body – no side effects.
  • Quick results – primary effects after the first session.
  • Favorable prognosis – long-term recovery is observed.
  • Combinability – SWT pairs well with physical therapy, electrophoresis, paraffin therapy, balneotherapy, and other physiotherapy methods.

Thirdly, the advantages of the SWT machine itself. For practicing specialists, it is important that the medical equipment has:

  • Compact size;
  • Simple interface;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • Pre-set SWT programs;
  • A set of working attachments for treating any problem areas of the body.

Shockwave therapy machines do not require consumables, are reliable in operation, and easy to use. Their implementation simplifies the work of specialists and the lives of patients (clients). A shockwave therapy machine is truly useful and relevant medical equipment for any clinic.

Why is it important to buy a shockwave therapy machine from us?

Because we do not resell, but create the equipment. Only by purchasing a shockwave therapy machine directly from the manufacturer can you appreciate all the benefits of your purchase:

  • Adequate prices;
  • Honest installment plans;
  • Availability of ISO 13485 certification;
  • Availability of state-standard sanitary and epidemiological conclusions;
  • Free training on the principles of SWT machine operation;
  • Prompt delivery of medical equipment.
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