Multifunction Facial Machines

Autobiography 10 in 1 Multifunctional Aesthetic System

Beauty giving beauty. Luxury multifunctional machine from Alvi Prague. Maximum functionality an..

$ 3 859

Cashback $ 386

Famous 7 in 1 Multifunctional Aesthetic System

Famous Multifunctional Aesthetic System is Alvi Prague’s brand new machine of Luxury Edit..

$ 3 000

Cashback $ 300

Prosperity 5 in 1 Multifunctional Aesthetic System

The best engineers, designers and aestheticians of the Czech-Ukrainian company Alvi Prague worked on..

$ 2 571

Cashback $ 258

5 in 1 Cavitation RF System PX-7000 plus

PX-7000+ 5 in 1 Cavitation RF System is unique and innovative equipment for body shaping a..

$ 4 062

Cashback $ 407

PX-7000 5 in 1 Cavitation RF System

PX-7000 5 in 1 Cavitation RF System   is unique and innovative equipment for body sha..

$ 3 486

Cashback $ 349

PX-4000+ Radiofrequency and Non-Invasive Carboxy Therapy Machine

PX-4000+ Radiofrequency and Non-Invasive Carboxy Therapy Machine  is an innovative technology i..

$ 2 446

Cashback $ 245

PX-3000 Radiofrequency Machine

PX-3000 Radiofrequency Machine with temperature control is a cutting-edge technology in modern ..

$ 2 051

Cashback $ 206

AlviDerm Hydrodermabrasion Machine

AlviDerm is a multifunctional beauty machine, produced taking into account the progressive trends of..

$ 5 085

Cashback $ 509

DermaJet AirPro Non-invasive Mesotherapy and Hydro Jet Peeling Machine

DermaJet AirPro Non-invasive Mesotherapy and Hydro Jet Peeling Machine is the perfect choice for est..

$ 5 181

Cashback $ 519

XD-1000 Microcurrent Premium System

Microcurrent therapy (microcurrents, MCT) is a holistic skin health and rejuvenation program. ..

$ 1 972

Cashback $ 198

F-5 Skin Care System

F-5 Skin Care System is produced by the Czech company ALVI PRAGUE. It is a successful combinati..

$ 2 198

Cashback $ 220

F-4 Skin Care System

F-4 Skin Care System is produced by the Czech company ALVI PRAGUE. It is a successful combinati..

$ 1 887

Cashback $ 189

F-3 Skin Care System

Innovative multifunction F-3 Skin Care System is a must have unit for any beauty salon or ..

$ 1 542

Cashback $ 155

E-6 Skin Care System

E-6 Skin Care System is a perfect combination of 6 aesthetic functions Ultrasound th..

$ 2 305

Cashback $ 231

E-4 Skin Care System

E-4 Skin Care System is a perfect combination of 4 aesthetic functions Ultrasound th..

$ 1 367

Cashback $ 137
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High-quality and long-lasting facial equipment are the basis of every beauty salon. 
Here, at Alvi Prague you can buy the best professional skin care equipment. Because Alvi Prague TM is a brand name associated with good workmanship and good quality of beauty equipment. 
Our mission is to produce high quality machines that meets all European quality standards and hence constant development. We direct all our resources to continuous improvement, in order to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. Our beauty equipment is famous for its unique design, not same to others, which will be the great addition to any beauty salon and will satisfy even the most refined tastes of our customers.


  • Best innovative products 
  • Our equipment meets the highest standards in quality and design. 
  • We provide the most favorable prices because we are manufacturer and direct exporter.
  • All our products have European certificates of quality.

Our multifunction beautycare equipment: Choosing Professional Equipment for Your Beauty Salon

We produce facial machines for professional use: mono- and multifunctional.

The Basic Set of Facial Equipment Your Salon Needs

Facial equipment is the foundation of a beauty salon; it determines the future success of your business
There is a basic set of necessary devices for beauty salons. This includes an ultrasonic scrubber, microcurrent machine, RF machine, and needle-free mesotherapy machine.  If your beauty salon has just opened, you may want to purchase a multifunctional machine with basic functions. This will allow you to expand your range of treatments and save a lot of space simultaneously.
Multifunction facial machines are very popular because they can be used for different treatments.

Microcurrent therapy machines can effectively stimulate the activity of skin cells, muscles, and lymphatic and blood vessels.

Carboxy therapy is a procedure that is called a breakthrough in the beauty industry. Both invasive and non-invasive carboxy therapy is rapidly becoming more and more popular skincare treatment, so it's time to include it in the range of services your beauty salon offers. 

Needle-free mesotherapy machines introduce active substances into skin cells by electrical impulses. 

RF-lifting facial machines rejuvenate clients’ skin non-surgically. Radio waves activate and stimulate fibroblasts, and after a couple of sessions, your clients will notice incredible results.

Microdermabrasion machines perform mechanical peeling, and results are noticeable immediately after the first treatment. Microdermabrasion helps the skin restore its former elasticity and health.

Ultrasound facial machines are super popular in cosmetology. Ultrasound therapy is a method of injecting cosmetic products into the superficial layer of the skin with an ultrasonic wave rather than electrical impulse like needle-free mesotherapy does. It is a compact device that solves most basic skin problems.

Ultrasonic scrubbers deeply cleanse and tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, and warm up cells.

Professional Skin Care Equipment

Here’s a list of the most sought-after professional facial devices:

  • Microcurrent machines
  • RF facial machines
  • Carboxy therapy machines
  • Oxygen facial machines
  • Photorejuvenation and hair removal machines
  • Laser rejuvenation machines
  • Microdermabrasion machines
  • Needle-free mesotherapy machines
  • Ultrasonic scrubbers
  • And more!

Alvi Prague’s website has a number of user-friendly categories that allow you to easily find a beauty machine model with required parameters, dimensions, and cost.


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