Hydro jet machines

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AV-7000 Oxygen Facial Machine OxyProMedical

European company Alvi Prague is a world-famous manufacturer of innovative and high-qu..

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AV-3500 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine

European company Alvi Prague is a world-famous manufacturer of innovative and high-quality equipment..

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AV-1100 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine

AV-1100 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine provides skin peeling. Compressed oxygen, carbon dioxide and ..

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No needle mesotherapy and hydro jet machine DermaJet AirPro

No needle mesotherapy and hydro jet machine DermaJet AirPro is the perfect choice for estheticians a..

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AV-2000 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine

Innovative AV-2000 Hydro Jet Peeling Machine  provides hydro jet skin peeli..

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Hydro jet machines

Hydro Jet Peeling has become a real breakthrough in modern cosmetology. It is not only effective for solving various skin problems, but also has several advantages over other methods of treatment.
So the impact on the skin by using environmentally friendly, harmless substances - water and air; moreover, this effect is contactless. At the same time, the supersonic flow has such a strength that it allows for multi-level massage - from tissue to cellular.
The Hydro Jet Peeling does not require anesthesia, because the patient does not experience any discomfort during and after the treatment, the skin regeneration goes gently and evenly, without severe redness and other complications.
Another pleasant benefit of the treatment is its all-season application. Indeed, many other methods of influence on the skin, under which the exfoliation of the upper layers of the epidermis occurs, cannot be used during the period of active sun.
Finally, it’s a great needle-free alternative of skin products administration to common treatments. 
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