Galvanic facial machine T-04

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Galvanic facial machine T-04

Galvanic aesthetic therapy is based on the influence of constant electric current of low intensity (0.1-6.5 mA) on skin tissues for stimulation of natural regeneration process and enhancing of cell permeability (electroporation) with the purpose of painless intake of skin products into the skin tissues. This eliminates the risk of inflammation and infection due to the treatment invasiveness.

Company Alvi Prague offers galvanic facial machine T-04 at a low manufacturer price.  You can order other models of Т-seria (RF-lifting, brushing, thermal stimulation hot/cold, electroporation, microdermabrasion, microcurrent therapy, etc.)  and combine them in one multifunctional system with all necessary options.

Unique features of our beauty equipment

Monofunctional galvanic facial machine T-04  is one of the devices of Alvi Prague beauty salon equipment of T-seria. 

The range of products includes:

  • US-peeling (Т-02), diamond microdermabrasion (T-06), brushing (Т-09)
  • Ultrasonic therapy (Т-11), needle-free mesotherapy (Т-12), microcurrent therapy (Т-15)
  • RF-lifting (Т-14), electrocoagulation (Т-03), LED light therapy (Т-07) etc

Our beauty equipment is made in the same unique ergonomic design, reliably protected from voltage drop and overheating, applicable for 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz.

Additional benefits of galvanic machine

Taking advantage of our offer to buy galvanic facial machine T-04, you get a low power consumption ergonomic device (15 W) which comes with two conductive nozzles (spherical-shape and roller-shape). Preset operation protocols and fine-tuning of the galvanic current intensity eliminate the slightest risks of harming the patient's health.

Galvanic therapy treatment improves oxidative, metabolic, regenerative processes in skin cells as well as enhances new collagen formation and stimulates the work of endocrine system.

Galvanic current in aesthetic treatment is apply for: 

  • Regular skin care as well as for congested skin, oily and combination skin type
  • Deep skin peeling (desincrustation)
  • Skin care products intake into the deep skin tissue (ionophoresis) 
  • Skin complexion and lymph drainage improvement
  • Facial contours improvement
  • Wrinkles reduction
  • Skin tightness improvement
  • Oily seborrhea
  • Acne, acne scars, comedones treatment
  • Eyes bags, under eyes circles, spots, scars treatment

When your beauty salon equipment includes galvanic option, it allows you to extend your aesthetic service range to be the most effective in skin care treatment.

Treatment description

Before starting the treatment of galvanic therapy it is necessary to clean the skin of the makeup and do the surface peeling with special gel or beauty milk. Then special alkaline solution is applied on the skin to promote conductivity and has a strong sorbent effect. During the treatment the electrode nozzle is applied to the skin and gently moved along the massage lines. As a result of the treatment, a soap mass is formed on the surface, which is easily washed off and contains a variety of biological contaminants drawn from the skin pores. In case of iontophoresis, it is necessary to apply special medical preparations.

Galvanic treatment is absolutely pain-free. Of uncomfortable sensations can only be called a rare and gently tingling. One session time is 15-30 minutes. Regularity of the treatment is 2 times a month.

When you buy galvanic facial machine T-04, you get 18 months warranty, maintenance service and you can order free training course with certificate issuing as well.  

Functions of the device




Output voltage

1-30 V

Output current

up to 6,5 mА

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

45 W max


Protection class



Net dimensions (W*L*H)

300*213*60 mm

Gross dimensions

410*290*160 mm

Net weight

1.9 kg

Gross weight

3.5 kg

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