Cartridges for microneedling pen Alvi Pen on 12 needles

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Cartridges for microneedling pen Alvi Pen on 12 needles

Disposable microneedling tips

They come in sterilized individual packages that are easily replaced.

The cartridge tip has 12  stainless steel microneedles.

The needle depth as well as the speed of punctures can be adjusted during the course of the procedure to treat different skin areas and can easily maneuver round facial contours and delicate features such as eyes, nose and mouth.

Vertical step motions allow penetrating all skin types and texture, minimizing pain and discomfort while better promoting absorption of medical solutions into the skin. 

Needles are used in mesotherapy procedures for:

elimination of age-related changes (reduction of wrinkle depth and biorevitalization)
treatment of hyperpigmentation and alopecia (hair loss treatment)
reduction of scars, stretch marks
administration of serums, concentrates and mesococktails into the skin

The needles are made of medical steel. The length of the needles is adjustable from 0.25 to 3.0 mm.


on 12 needles


stainless steel

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