Diamond microdermabrasion machine T-06

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Diamond microdermabrasion machine T-06

What is Diamond Peeling?

Diamond Peeling is the removal of dead skin with the aid of specially designed tips coated with Diamond particles. Diamond Peeling removes the upper Epidermal layer by tight abrasion, whilst vacuuming away dead skin cells.

Company Alvi Prague offers you to order at a profit certified beauty equipment for beauty salons, spa, aesthetic clinics and private practice at affordable manufacturing prices. To buy T-06 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine, it is possible through the web site or to contact the managers of the company by direct contact phone numbers.

Unique features of the diamond microdermabrasion machine T-06

Taking decision to buy crystal exfoliation machine T-06, you will be able to run efficient microdermabrasion as well as to combine your own multifunctional aesthetic system chosen from necessary beauty equipment of T-seria.  For instance, with vacuum therapy function (Т-01), US-scrubber (Т-02), electrocoagulation (Т-03), ultrasonic therapy (Т-11), RF-lifting (Т-14) and so on. All these machines have the same main host dimension and are easily combined in one multifunctional system.

Diamond microdermabrasion machine T-06 is characterized with easy to use control panel, multistage overheating system, reliable protection against current leakage and fine adjustment of vacuum suction intensity. Built-in vacuum compressor forms vacuum suction 60-70 mm hg and in combination with plastic tubes copes with key tasks of diamond peeling:

  • Sufficient skin tension for adequate crystal peeling
  • Instant vacuuming of keratinized particles

Advantages of Diamond Peeling

Making use of our services, you can order T-06 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machinethat comes with two stainless steel nozzles and a set of crystal tips (9 pcs.) of different abrasion.  It is recommended to use crystal exfoliation in the following cases:

  • Rejuvenation and skin health improvement (face, neck, hands, body, elbows, knees)
  • Fine wrinkles, stretch marks, scars reduction
  • Skin elasticity improvement
  • Skin complexion improvement and reduction of pigmentation
  • Acne scars treatment, comedones extraction
  • Photo aging treatment
  • Pores narrowing

Results of Diamond Peeling

Through the regeneration of the Epidermal cell structure, the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels are improved. Due to the outer layer of dead skin cells being removed this then promotes even healing and the growth of healthy, new skin cells, also leaving a smoother skin texture.

Immediate Visible Results

The skin may take on a slightly rosy complexion immediately after treatment, right from the very first treatment, the skin will appear fresher, smoother and more radiant, which will be further improved with additional treatments:

Rejuvenation of Complexion, Minor Scar Revision, Reduction of Acne Scarring, Sun Damage, Reduction of Minor Fine Lines, Age Spots

Areas closer to the eyes and mouth can be treated more accurately. (No risk of stray crystals causing damage, or being ingested). Convenient Exfoliation with diamond crystals can easily be performed during a client’s lunch hour, so that they may return immediately to their normal activities. It is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure, or tanning for at least a few days after their treatment.  When buying Alvi Prague diamond microdermabrasion machine T-06 you'll get the high quality device with professional training, after-sale service as well as 18 months warranty on the equipment.

Functions of the device

vacuum diamond microdermabrasion

Vacuum power min/max

1-72 cm Hg

Dermabrasion degree

9 diamond tips of different diameter and abrasiveness

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

45 W max


Protection class



Net dimensions (W*L*H)

302*250*110 mm

Gross dimensions

345*290*240 mm

Net weight

2.5 kg

Gross weight

4.3 kg

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