S-02 Skin Care System

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S-02 Skin Care System

S-02 Skin Care System is a perfect synergy of two treatment functions such as Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and Needle-free mesotherapy.

Needle-free mesotherapy

Needle-free mesotherapy or Electroporation treatment is used for administration of skin care products into the skin. It improves skin tonicity, stimulate metabolic process and collagenation.

Electroporation treatment is recommended

  • Facial care: acne, pitted acne scars, comedones, enlarged pores, verrucae, removal, skin elasticity improvement
  • Skin preparation for cosmetic operation
  • Skin regenerative process after cosmetic operation, laser dermabrasion and chemical peel
  • Different scars and striae removal
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Facilitates weight loss and cellulite treatment
  • Skin dehydration treatment
  • Elimination of hyperpigmentation of skin
  • Hair loss treatment

Benefits of Electroporation treatment

  • Painlessness
  • Simplicity in use
  • Absence of rehabilitation period
  • Hypoallerginicity

Contra indications of Electroporation treatment

  • Open wound on skin surface
  • Сardiostimulator
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy

Ultrasonic scrubber in the S-02

Ultrasonic skin scrubber is a multifunctional tool, so using it, a specialist can do the following treatments:

  1. Ultrasonic phonophoresis. Such kind of aesthetic treatment combines gentle massage and intaking of medical preparations into the skin surface. Ultrasonic wave positively influences on skin surface, stimulates lymph drainage and skin metabolic process. Because of the high-frequency oscillation, medical cocktails are intaken into the deep dermis. Ultrasonic phonophoresis is a unique treatment, it doesn’t have any age or skin type restrictions.
  2. Ultrasonic massage. It is used mainly for skin health improvement, wrinkle removal. This treatment could be used for such sensitive areas as eye area and area of lips.
  3. Ultrasonic facial peeling. It is possible to treat problem skin with acne and comedones. Ultrasonic wave facilitates small scars resolving.

A successful combination of tools for a wide variety of procedures in the S-02 Skin Care System will become an indispensable device of any cosmetologist.

Functions of the device

needle-free mesotherapy,

ultrasonic therapy

Needle-free mesotherapy parameters


0,2-30 mА

Current frequency

2,5-5 kHz

Ultrasonic scrubber parameters

Ultrasonic spatula vibration frequency

27÷28 kHz

Operation modes

ultrasonic peeling, ultrasonic phonophoresis

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

45 W max


Protection class



Net dimensions (W*L*H)

290*305*170 mm

Gross dimensions

520*420*225 mm

Net weight

3.5 kg

Gross weight

6.1 kg

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