Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Nd:YAG Ultra-Short Laser

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Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Nd:YAG Ultra-Short Laser

Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Nd:YAG Ultra-Short Laser is an innovative model of beauty equipment, which has become a real breakthrough in the field of laser aesthetics. Its innovatory construction makes skincare easier, quicker and more efficient.

Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Nd: YAG Laser is the ideal choice for elite practices that want top-of-the-line technology for a professional salon or beauty room. It will make your salon look beautiful and modern, being a high-class skincare system at the same time

  • Internal laser module
  • Excellent articulated arm
  • The unique adjustable spot-size technology allows the convenience of treatment settings selection
  • Red aiming light ensures more accurate treatment
  • Fractional rejuvenation applicator
  • 40 times increased light recourse

   A new generation neodymium laser is an intelligent platform that provides highly-programmed treatments with minimally invasive effects to ensure the client's safety and comfort.


  • Dark and Colored Ink Tattoos
  • Carbon Hollywood Peeling
  • Acne Scars Pigmented Lesion Birthmarks
  • Aging Pigmented Lesion
  • Wrinkles Reduction
  • Fractional skin rejuvenation
  • Dark spots
  • Onychomycosis

Purchasing the Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Nd:YAG Laser is an actual solution for aesthetic practitioners that demand high performance, reliability and results. Being the multi-purpose equipment, it provides high-quality services, quickly pays off and brings success to its owner.

What is Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Nd:YAG Ultra-Short Laser

This is a top-hat quality laser equipment specially designed by Alvi Prague manufacturer (Czech Republic).  The advanced system generates ultra-short light pulses, demonstrating some unrivaled benefits when running the treatments.

  • The superior laser power allows the removal of targeted pigments effectively
  • Wide range of light wavelengths
  • High consistency and synchronization of laser pulses.

All these features give practitioners the power and reliability to perform countless profitable procedures with confidence.

Internal laser module

The laser handpiece with detaching nozzles for changing the wavelength is a thing of the past. Now the pulsed light generator is located in the internal module of the neodymium laser. The advanced technology is more reliable and practical in operation.

Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser unique technology allows adjusting the spot size without detaching applicator from the arm and without twisting the nozzle of the applicator!  The operator can simply press one button on the touch screen to select the proper spot size from 2 to 10 mm, so the system changes the laser peak power automatically which saves treatment time.

Due to the increased power of the emitter, it has become easier to carry out treatments and the service life of the laser has greatly increased.

Innovative articulated arm

The brand new TL-600 Neo+ Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser is equipped with V-bend optical light guide. Its unique beam delivery provides stable and even supply of light pulses demonstrating the number of practical benefits.

  • The design of the tip of the fiber allows you to change the size of the light spot in the range of 2-10 mm.
  • The counterweight greatly facilitates the movement of the articulated arm during the procedure.
  • Optimum length of the articulated arm allows processing the treated areas at a comfortable distance from the laser housing.

The optical fiber of the laser is made of a heavy-duty alloy based on aluminum. Its surface has an anodized coating, which not only looks beautiful, but also additionally protects the fiber from scratches and damage.

Benefits of Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser

  • Reliability of the main hose and accessories.
  • Ergonomic, aesthetically attractive design.
  • Possibility to use both: Single or Double bar mode
  • Adjustable articulated arm for extra operator's comfort
  • Two applicators in a set for various treatment protocols
  • Multi-stage cooling system of the device.
  • Switching power supply for trouble-free operation.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Pilot beam function.
  • Foot switch.

The TL-600 Neo+ Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser is a turnkey system. Its package includes an applicator for fractional skin rejuvenation, the use of which will become a great offer for your clients and help you to increase your clientele without paying for extra laser for fractional rejuvenation. With such a profit, this aesthetic tool is totally irreplaceable choice for elite practices.

Operation principle and efficiency of Pulsar TL-600 Neo+

During a tattoo removal procedure, laser light is applied to the tattooed area of the skin. The light is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, leaving the surrounding skin tissue and chromophores unharmed.

The light energy is selectively actively absorbed by:

  • tattoo ink particles;
  • melanin of age spots;
  • collagen fibers of the skin;
  • keratin nails and other chromophores.

Under the influence of light pulses, they instantly heat up to critically high (safe!) temperatures, which leads to the destruction of unwanted skin defects:

  • the pigment of tattoos and permanent makeup is destroyed at the micromolecular level, decaying into microparticles and excreted naturally;
  • collagen fibers undergo coagulation - are compacted, providing an instant lifting effect;
  • nano-particles of carbon carbon peeling completely evaporate, providing deep cleansing of the skin, etc.

The laser light penetrates the skin to a depth of 8 mm. The energy of light does not cause pain, burns and does not leave any marks on the surface of the skin. Due to this, the removal of tattoos, permanent makeup, carbon peeling or skin rejuvenation have a minimum of contraindications and are suitable for most clients of all age groups.

Applications of TL-600 Neo+

  • Tattoo removal.
  • Permanent make up removal.
  • Pigmented Lesions.
  • Toenail fungus.
  • Laser carbon facial.
  • Fractional skin rejuvenation.

Equipment Safety

Pulsar TL-600 Neo+ Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser is the highest class and European level device. It has all necessary certificates according to European Standards.  Its quality, safety and effectiveness are proved by CE certificates of conformity, as well as ISO certificates.

Laser type

Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser

Operation Mode


Double Pulse Energy:

wavelength 1064 nm

wavelength 532 nm


2400 mJ

1200 mJ

Single Pulse Energy:

wavelength 1064 nm

wavelength 532 nm.


1200 mJ

600 mJ

Pulse length

from 2 tо 6 ns

Pulse frequency

1 - 8 Hz

Laser wavelength

1064 nm; 532 nm; 585 nm; 650 nm; 755 nm

Spot size

adjustable from 2 to 10 mm

Operating life of the optical pumping system

tо 20 million pulses

Warranty life of the optical pumping system

5 million  pulses

Cooling system   

air, water

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power input

1000 W max


Laser radiation hazard

Class 4

Protection Class



Net Dimensions

470*920*854 mm

Net Weight

88.7 kg

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