Skin cooler machine Cryo Strong

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Skin cooler machine Cryo Strong

Safety and comfort during the laser treatments

Skin cooler machine Cryo Strong is a first rate air cooling system developed for Pre and Post and During the laser treatments for your comfort and safety.

Machine Overview

The Skin cooler machine Cryo Strong is designed  to reduce discomfort and thermal trauma during laser, IPL, RF treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. Unlike other forms of cooling such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the skin cooler machine Cryo Strong  can cool the epidermis before, during and after emission of the laser energy without interfering with the laser beam.

Operation Principle

With the help of the device, a stream of cooled air is supplied to the treated areas of the skin. The cold flow is delivered using a flexible tube with a thermoplastic nozzle, which provides a focused effect. Only the treatment area will be cooled, the patient will not feel discomfort from the cold air.

Indications of skin cooler machine Cryo Strong 

It is recommended to apply the skin cooler machine Cryo Strong  for any type of skin heating treatments as

 Pre-cooling, During Treatment Cooling, Post Cooling

  • Laser tattoo removal;
  • Laser fractional treatments;
  • IPL treatments;
  • Skin resurfacing and other types of procedures associated with pain.

Is It Safe?

The skin cooler machine Cryo Strong  was developed by the engineers of Alvi Prague. Our specialists took into account all the requirements of present day aesthetics, used innovative technologies and materials. Our skin air cooling machine is equipped with control systems and has protection against voltage drop.

The skin cooler machine Cryo Strong  has passed all tests before launching into mass production, the effectiveness of the equipment has been clinically confirmed.

What are the features of the Cryo Strong?

We have developed a skin air cooler that releases an air stream with a temperature of -15C. The equipment improves the efficiency of laser treatments and reduces the risks and complications associated with overheating of the skin. For air supply, a hose with reliable thermal insulation is used, equipped with a convenient thermoplastic nozzle.

The machine is equipped with a modern control system, reliable and user friendly, allowing easily regulate airflow.

Equipment Benefits

  • High-quality assembly and reliable components made in Germany;
  • Low level of electricity consumption;
  • Thoughtful ergonomic design;
  • User friendly interface;
  • Work with all kind of laser machines;
  • Custom programs for adjustable cooling;
  • Compact size;
  • Reliable wheels that provide mobility of the device;
  • Convenient tripod, with which you can direct the nozzle to the area to be treated;
  • Well-thought-out package: we supply the skin air cooler completely ready for use, you can buy the equipment and start performing the procedures right away.

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Skin air cooling

Working temperature in «Cold Air» mode

from 0 tо -15 ºС

Working temperature in heating mode «Defrost»

from 0 tо +40 ºС



Network parameters

Power supply

220 V ± 10 % / 50 Hz

Power input

3300 W max

Protection class


Net dimensions

330*600*715 mm

Net weight

49,35 kg

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