Diode laser for hair removal DL-8000

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Diode laser for hair removal DL-8000

Diode laser for hair removal DL-8000 innovative device for advanced and safe removal of unwanted hair. Diode Laser Hair Removal is the safest and fastest at present. It adopts Gold standard 808 nm with 12×12 mm spot size. It means that the device has good clinical efficiency for all skin types I to VI according to The Fitzpatrick Scale.

9 reasons to choose the diode laser for hair removal DL-8000 

  1. Large spot size 12x12 mm
  2. Additional head with spot size 4x4 mm
  3. The unique system of cooling the surface of the skin to - 2 °C
  4. Increased service life of the diode laser - up to 50 million flashes
  5. Ultra light handpiece, high efficient operation. 
  6. Intelligent touch screen 8.4 inches
  7. Pre-programmed modes for various skin and hair types
  8. No need for consumables
  9. Mobility and portability of the device

Technical superiority:

  • Lifespan: Spread traditional diode laser chip to integration, chip cooling becomes rapider and more durable, guarantee the efficiency of laser cooling and reduce the failure rate, life span is up to fifty million shots
  • Uniform energy: With fiber coupled diode laser, energy attenuation is lower, almost none and the energy output is more uniformed
  • Safe: The low-energy high-frequency press-type fast sliding technology ensures safety indeed
  • Comfortable: The 0℃-5℃ contact-type Blue Diamond cooling really dispels the pain
  • Fast: The large light spot 12*12mm and 10Hz high-frequency treatment is really fast
  • Efficient: With the core 810nm semi-conductor technology, the maximum energy can reach 100J/cm2, i.e., high energy density output, and the energy can reach deep hair follicle and be absorbed effectively without damaging epidermis. Hence, the instrument is suitable for treating hairs of various skin types
  • Convenient: The selection between stamping and sliding mode is both convenient and practical. The user can select appropriate treatment mode according to different areas to be treated
  • Free from side effect: Before and after the treatment, no anesthesia needs to be used and adverse side effects such as pigmentation and edema is not likely to occur

Thus the hair removal efficiency is improved and the laser output power is distributed uniformly. In addition, cooling feeling is promoted, laser generator greatly reduce the failure rate while its life is greatly ascend, hand piece is more portable and hair removal efficiency is greatly improved.

Operation principle of diode laser

After 810nm diode laser is applied to the skin, it is absorbed selectively by the melanin in the hair follicle and high heat will occur in certain local area. The hair regeneration tissue in the hair follicle will have thermal necrosis due to effect of thermal dissipation. In this way, the hairs lose the regeneration ability. Meanwhile, the normal skin tissue is not damaged. Thus, the purpose of hair removing is realized.

Innovative technology!

DL-8000 Diode Hair Removal Laser is the World’s 1st Fiber Coupled 810nm Diode Laser for Hair Removal. Fiber Coupled Diode (FCD) technology refers to micro lens array coupling the light generated by multiple diode laser into a single-core multimode fiber, transmitting the light to the target place. This innovative design assures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long lifespan and easy maintenance of the diode laser.

Lighter handpiece make it more convenient for operators meanwhile touch cooling system can cool the tip rapidly, providing patient a safe and comfortable treatment.

What is better to buy: diode laser, neodymium or alexandrite?

This question concerns many cosmetologists who choose a device for hair removal. 

Сomparison of hair removal lasers


Alexandrite laser

Diode laser

Neodymium laser


755 nm

810 nm

Max. 1064 nm

Skin type


I - VI

I - VI

Thus, the Alexandrite laser is less effective in operation, and the Neodymium laser is more “aggressive” and more suitable for eliminating cosmetic skin defects. While a Diode laser is the best option for effective, comfortable and safe removal of unwanted hair.

The effectiveness of diode laser for hair removal DL-8000 

Laser hair removal is an advanced method of removing unwanted hair on the face and body. The high efficiency of the method is based on such a natural phenomenon as selective photothermolysis - the ability of melanin to absorb light waves of a certain length. Melanin is a pigment concentrated in the hair follicle and hair shaft. Absorbing the energy of light, it heats up and destroys the growth zone of the hair. The hair dies naturally and after a short time falls together with the root - more hair does not grow in this place. Applying a diode laser, it is necessary to take into account that it affects only the hair in the stage of active growth. And since part of the hair follicles are in a dormant state, then for radical hair removal will take 6-8 procedures, which are carried out with an interval of 3-6 weeks. The total number of procedures and the frequency of their use are determined individually for each client, depending on the type of hair and the speed of their growth.

Treatment indications

  • Large amounts of unwanted facial or body hair
  • Contraindications for depilation (hot wax, shugaring, etc.)
  • Presence of ingrown hair
  • The desire to get rid of hair once and for all

Benefits of the device

Buy diode laser hair removal machine and you will not be disappointed! This professional skincare machine is a beautiful unique helper that will surprise your clients with its great work. Diode laser is unique and has no analogues in its segment. The device has passed the mandatory certification of standards of the European Union. Do not lose your chance to make procedure session easier, quicker and better! Diode laser DL-8000 is made to be completely safe. It treats the skin gently without damaging it while being an effective machine with high preciseness and quality. The outcome of such treatment will leave the skin clear and healthy without any harm. You will be definitely satisfied with the result of these procedures resulted by:

  • Stable power supply
  • High level of performance
  • The laser output power is distributed uniformly
  • Full coverage of the treated area

Diode laser hair removal machine for sale will be an absolutely profitable purchase that is absolutely worth its price! You will be able to restore the full cost by providing the 5-10 sessions of the procedures, though. With such a profit, this cosmetic tool is totally irreplaceable at any salon or beauty room. As a popular utility, it will be a great offer of service for your clients and will help you to increase your clientele without paying much money and with just a little effort:

  • The authenticity of the diode laser is possible to check by its serial number in the manufacturer's database
  • The best price
  • Worldwide supply
  • We give a warranty of the laser generator for 2 years or 20 million shots, whichever comes first
  • Free training
  • Issuing a personal certificate of training
  • Professional maintenance
  • Informational support

Laser type

Diode laser

Average speed of pulse energy generation

20 J for 100 ms

Laser output power

640 W

Pulse length

5-750 ms

Pulse frequency

1-10 Hz

Laser wavelength

808 nm

Energy density

5-100 J/cm²

Spot size

4*4, 12*12

Lamp life cycle

up to 50 million shots

Warranty operation time

20 million shots

Cooling system   

air, water,

semiconductor (Peltier element)

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

1200 W


Laser radiation hazard

Class 4

Protection class



Net dimensions (H*L*W)

315*650*430 mm

Net weight

22 kg

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