Vacuum therapy machine DrumRoll V-02

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Vacuum therapy machine DrumRoll V-02

Operation principle

At the heart of the physiotherapeutic effect is a multifunctional handpiece connected to the body of the machine by a pneumatic tube and a control cable. The low-noise Vacuum Pro vacuum compressor creates rarefaction of air in a zone of influence. The pressure in this area varies from 150 to 620 mm Hg at a rate of 760. It is important that the pressure decreases not only constantly, but also fractionally, with a frequency of up to 15 puffs per second. This is how the very “drumroll” appears, which the name of the device speaks of.

High frequency vacuum skin fold grips provide unprecedented tissue shaking. According to the law of hydrodynamics, the contents of capillaries, lymphatic vessels, intercellular substrate rush either to the low pressure zone or back. The high frequency of puffs makes the treatment completely painless for a patient.

Not only massage - additional factors of exposure

In addition to vacuum massage, the device acts on the body surface with pulses of a given power and frequency and infrared heating - this is a kind of infrared sauna in miniature. The handpiece provides heating in the range from +33°C to +50°C, which in turn makes the treatment comfortable. The operation of the device provides for several dozen modes, which are selected depending on the localization of the impact and a problem of concerns of a patient.

Thermal vacuum massage modes

The shock-pulse vacuum massage device can operate in a fully manual and programmable mode. In the second case, the task of the cosmetologist is only to move the handpiece over the problem area, all other operations are assigned to automation. The set of the shock-pulse massage device includes one functional handpiece, which can be used on all parts of the body and types of skin. This simplifies the work of a specialist and reduces the cost of equipment.

Healing effects

Vacuum massage, electromagnetic impulses and infrared heating comprehensively provide:

  • deep stimulation of the skin tissues, muscle tissues, nerve endings, vessels and capillaries;
  • polarization of molecules of intercellular liquid and cellular cytoplasm;
  • increasing the permeability of cell membranes and, as a result, improving gas exchange and metabolism in tissues;
  • activation of ATP synthesis;
  • accelerated regeneration of the protein matrix;
  • splitting of fats.

Infrared heating raises the temperature in the affected area to 42-50°, and toxins and metabolites are intensively removed through the pores and channels of the sweat and sebaceous glands.

Comfort and safety

The shock-pulse vacuum massage device uses the patented Drum Nozzle handpiece, which does not need conductive heating agents and other cosmetics like gels or massage oils. During vacuum massage, the handpiece glides over the skin easily and freely, without disturbing the patient. The treatment is totally comfortable and safe. There are no bruises and microtraumas on the surface of the skin. Accompanying massage warming gives the skin a pleasant warmth, burns are excluded. In patients with very thin sensitive skin, slight hyperemia is possible, but it disappears in the shortest possible time.

Treatment results

The shock-pulse vacuum massage device provides a cumulative effect. Results are visible after 1-2 treatments:

  • the area and volume of fatty deposits is reduced;
  • cellulite decreases;
  • skin tone is normalized;
  • swelling disappears;
  • increases muscle tone;
  • diminishes wrinkles.
Improving blood flow returns healthy skin complexion. Neuralgic and post-traumatic aches are reduced.


Shock-impulse vacuum massage devices are the gold standard in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • photoaging of the skin;
  • flabbiness, wrinkles, folds;
  • chronic fatigue of the skin as a result of a sedentary lifestyle or insufficient care;
  • edema of various origins;
  • venous insufficiency, lympho- and hemostasis;
  • excess subcutaneous fat and cellulite;
  • myalgia and neuralgia of various etiologies.

The shock-pulse massage device will help to shape  body fter childbirth and to patients who have gained weight as a result of hormonal disorders or unhealthy diet. ​​​​


  • chronic inflammatory skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • relapses of herpes and similar viral infections;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • chronic systemic diseases in the acute stage;
  • skin neoplasms of any etiology.

Shock-impulse massage should be prescribed with caution to persons with very thin sensitive skin, especially those with rosacea. Absolute contraindications are oncological diseases, decompensated heart failure, epilepsy. 



Vacuum massage with heating

Vacuum Min/Мax

0-70 cm Hg

Heating temperature

30-50 ºС

Operation modes

Continuous; pulse



Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power input

115 W max.

Protection class


Net dimensions

295*345*167 mm

Net weight

5,53 kg


V-02 Drumroll

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Acrylic shelf

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Power cable

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Cyclone filter

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User manual

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Transport box

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