Lipo laser PL-650

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Lipo laser PL-650

Laser lipolysis is an innovative, non-invasive liposculpture treatment for the reduction of fat with the help of low level (cold) lipo laser PL-650.

Operation principle of the lipo laser PL-650

A laser light with a wavelength of 650 nm, which emits light of the cold spectrum (hence the method called cold laser lipolysis), freely penetrates into the fat cells, increases the permeability of their membranes and activates biochemical enzymatic reactions that promote the cleavage of triglycerides (major components of subcutaneous fat) on individual components,- glycerin and fatty acids.

Due to increased permeability of cell membranes, fatty tissue's breakdown products enter the intercellular space, and after that they enter the lymphatic system, are metabolized and removed from the body.

Laser light of the PL-650 does not cause destruction of fatty cells, but only stimulate the process of resolving their contents, so after performing non-surgical laser liposuction, the reduction in the thickness of subcutaneous fat is due to a reduction in the volume of each adipocyte, and not because of its destruction, which reduces the risk of side effects to a minimum .

Features of the lipo laser PL-650

Lipo laser PL-650 is equipped with a laser diode that is able to generate light with a wavelength of 650 nm, and 14 laser pads designed to work on different parts of the body. The device is fully computerized and equipped with an intelligent easy-to-use touch screen.

Providing a risk-free alternative to liposuction and surgery, Lipo laser PL-650 allows larger areas to be treated, delivering faster more effective results than any other machines of its type.


  • Fat reduction.
  • Cellulite improvement.
  • Skin tightening.

Treatable areas

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen (upper and lower)
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Thighs (Inner, Outer, Front and Back)
  • Buttocks
  • Chest (Man Boobs)

Advantages of lipo laser PL-650

  1. The main advantage of diode laser lipolysis is that it is designed for the reduction of localized areas of fat and skin tightening
  2. Non-invasive
  3. Pain-free
  4. Immediate results
  5. No side effects
  6. Proven technology

The treatment is very comfortable, relaxing and pain-free. The average treatment time is 30-40 minutes (depending on the area of treatment)  The general course is 5-10 treatments spaced 2-3 days apart.

Lipo laser PL-650 offers body sculpting, skin tightening plus cellulite reduction without anaesthesia, discomfort or recovery time.

Laser type

diode laser

Pulse length

635-650 nm

Pulse frequency

71 Hz – 100 Hz

Light energy on one diode

50 mW


three modes: A, B, C.


10 applicators with 9 diodes

4 applicators with 3 diodes


Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

45 W max


Laser radiation hazard

class 3a

Protection class



Net dimensions (W*L*H)

455*362*200 mm

Gross dimensions

600*530*366 mm

Net weight

6.45 kg

Gross weight

20 kg

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