Pressotherapy machines

Pressotherapy machine PR-2000
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Pressotherapy machine PR-2000

This safe and widely used procedure eliminates excess fluid in the body through the use of pressure ..

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Pressotherapy EMS machine PR-901
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Pressotherapy EMS machine PR-901

Pressotherapy is one of the most common and well-known treatment in modern cosmetology. The uni..

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Pressotherapy EMS machine PR-801
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Pressotherapy EMS machine PR-801

Pressotherapy  is one of the most widely used and well-known treatment in modern cosmetolo..

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Pressotherapy machine PR-701
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Pressotherapy machine PR-701

Pressotherapy machine PR-701 is a professional tool for lymphatic drainage, widely used in aest..

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Pressotherapy machines

Pressotherapy machines

Pressotherapy is a type of a lymphatic drainage. This is a safe and painless treatment method. A special costume is used to cover a body and air delivers with different pressure what makes natural human fluids to tighten. The pressotherapy treatment deletes the excess fluids and toxins from the body. It actively influences the metabolic processes, normalizes blood velocity, improves the drainage of the venous blood, rebuilds the stock of intracellular and intercellular water.   

Pressotherapy allows to get rid of edema, to reduce the volume of a body, fight with cellulite and sagging skin, making skin elastic and smooth. It is highly recommended for body shaping purposes.

How Does It Work?

During pressotherapy procedure, the lymph and blood vessels experience the influence of the pressed air delivered through air channels in the special cuff chambers. The cuff chambers cover legs, arms, stomach, femora, and waist. This is one of the most effective methods of body sculpting.

Lymph System

Lymph plays a core role in the human health, its main function is to clean a body. The unprocessed toxins and waists and split fats derive from the body via the lymph system. However, when the lymph flow is too slow, the toxins start accumulating in the lymph glands and vessels, transforming into cellulite. The skin cover loses its natural color, elasticity, and flexibility. If no actions are taken, it will cause the disorder of internal organs.

What is Lymphatic Drainage and Its Role?

Lymphatic drainage is a removal of excess fluids out of intercellular space with the help of different methods. There is water inside of human cells and cells swims in the intercellular space where they receive nutritional substances supplied from the blood. The unnecessary processed substances are thrown into the intercellular space as well. The drainage system removes these unwanted substances naturally. As we age the tonus of the lymph and blood vessels is becoming lower. This leads to the retention of the fluids and toxins in the intercellular space, causing puffiness. The lymphatic drainage removes fluids and metabolic products out of a body.

Lymphatic drainage restores the metabolic processes in the cells tissues, enhances weight loss, removes puffiness and restores fluid balance, eliminates the sagging skin and cellulite, improves blood circulation and body defenses.

The indications for pressotherapy are

  • cellulite
  • excess weight
  • local fat deposits
  • low physical activity
  • imperfect circulation of the lymphatic system
  • leg swelling and heavy legs conditions
  • varicose veins
  • general health improvement
  • muscles overstress
  • rehabilitation goals after surgery or traumas

Plus, pressotherapy treatment is recommended before and after liposuction.

The contraindications for pressotherapy treatment are

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  • endocrine diseases
  • heart diseases
  • skin diseases
  • diseases of liver and kidney (stone disease, etc.)

The advantages of the pressotherapy are

  1. safe weight loss
  2. body sculpting
  3. prevention of puffiness and thrombosis
  4. safe and painless method
  5. immediate effect

This treatment is perfect for individuals who want to detoxify and lose weight. But physical exercises are not allowed because of chronic disease or recent surgery and traumas.

How Does the Procedure Go?

The treatment is easy and relaxing for a client. A client lays down on a couch, an esthetician puts a special pressotherapy suit and switch on a pressotherapy device, a client enjoys during the whole session. The computer regulates the high pressure and vibrations.

How Many Sessions Needed?

The number of needed sessions is not less than 10 sessions. One session for one week. The duration of the session can range from 20 to 40 minutes. Results can be seen after the half of the course is done. 

Features of the Pressotherapy Machines

The Alvi Prague equipment is designed in a strict, ergonomic style. Due to its compact size, the device fits easily into any interior of the cabinet and takes up minimal space. The device works from the usual power supply, does not require additional consumables and is completed with everything necessary for carrying out the procedures - a suit, cuffs, bandages, a blanket (depending on the model).
By deciding to buy a pressotherapy device, you have at your disposal highly efficient equipment, the impact of which has a minimum of contraindications and gives a quick visible result.

Advantages of the Alvi Prague Pressotherapy Machines

We offer to buy the pressotherapy device exclusively of original production. The quality of the equipment meets the standards of the European Union, which ensures safe and painless procedures.

 Among the other advantages  are the following:

  • Reliability of assembly and housing
  • Convenient interface
  • A set of preprogrammed modes and manual settings
  • Easy and relible operation
  • Long service life
  • Manufacturer price and 18 months warranty will be a great bonus to your purchase

Choose the best for your work!

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