UltraShoes 100 Pouf for Shoes Desinfection

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UltraShoes 100 Pouf for Shoes Desinfection


Pouf for Shoes Desinfection. UltraShoes 100 Pouf for Shoes Desinfection – up-to-date furniture for everyone.

Pouf for Shoes disinfection is an advanced technology from engineers of the European brand Alvi Prague (Czech Republic). For the first time, an aesthetically attractive furniture product provides effective disinfection of all types of shoes using ultraviolet radiation of the bactericidal spectrum. 

Innovation for Shoes Desinfection


Shoes are one of the main points of contact in public places. As a result, people run the risk of bringing viruses and other harmful pathogens into their homes.

Unlike cleaning, which removes dirt and germs from surfaces, disinfection requires the use of chemicals to kill harmful pathogens. Although disinfection chemicals (formalin solution, acetic acid, chlorhexidine) can ruin the appearance of the shoe and shorten its service life. And the use of improvised means (soap, wet wipes) or popular aerosols can be ineffective. Not to mention the fact that using chemical and improvised means to disinfect shoes is unpleasant and not always convenient.

UltraShoes 100– compact and attractive piece of furniture that will make your salon look beautiful, modern and nifty, being a high-class desinfection utility at the same time.  

How It Works


For disinfecting outdoor and indoor footwear, the pouf is equipped with a spacious box, inside of which there is a bactericidal lamp - a source of ultraviolet light. The 254 nm wave can break down the RNA and DNA of  micro organism, which deprives the ability to reproduce or live. The inner surface of the box is made of polished stainless steel, which reflects the rays of the bactericidal lamp, directing them inside the box, that is  guaranteed effective disinfection of shoes - both from the outside and from the inside.



The ultraviolet radiation of the bactericidal spectrum (254 nm) shows the highest efficiency in relation to the overwhelming number of pathogens. With its help, you can quickly and easily clean the outer and inner surfaces of shoes from:

  • bacteria;
  • viruses:
  • fungi;
  • spores
  • mold
  • destruction of 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • absolutely safe for humans, shoes and the environment;
  • effective cleaning of the external and internal surface of the shoe;
  • the ability to disinfect 2-3 pairs of shoes at once;
  • automatic shutdown timer;
  • long life of the bactericidal lamp;
  • compact and nifty design.

When purchasing UltraShoes 100 Pouf for Shoes Desinfection, you are taking care of your own health, the safety of your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

You can ask all your questions and buy the UltraShoes 100 in one click on the company's website or just call us!

Network parameters


220-240 V / 50 Hz

Input power

45 W max

Maximal load

120 kg

Lamp life cycle

9000 hours

Protection class

IP 21

Net dimensions

430 *510 *500 mm

Net weight

16 kg

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