Professional IPL machine IP-200 Light Pro Duo

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Professional IPL machine IP-200 Light Pro Duo

IP-200 Light Pro Duo - unlimited possibilities and high efficiency

The new development of Alvi Prague is the premium multi-platform IP-200 Light Pro Duo. This professional device solves a number of tasks related to the removal of unwanted hair, skin treatment, and the elimination of cosmetic defects.

IP-200 Light Pro Duo will allow the cosmetologist to expand the range of professional services and provide clients with comfort during photoepilation, skin rejuvenation, removal of age spots, etc.

The main features of the IP-200 Light Pro Duo photoepilator

Professional multifunctional platform for photoepilation and phototherapy IP-200 Light Pro Duo allows you to perform the following types of procedures:

  • Removal of unwanted hair on the face and body. Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the maniples, it is possible to carry out photoepilation of hard-to-reach areas.
  • Acne treatment. Photoepilator. IP-200 Light Pro Duo successfully fights skin rashes and prevents post-acne.
  • General rejuvenation of the skin. The light rays emitted by a professional photoepilator help to restore the process of natural regeneration of epidermal cells.
  • Removal of spider veins and manifestations of rosacea.
IP-200 Light Pro Duo photoepilator

Important advantages of the IP-200 Light Pro Duo photosystem

The multiplatform for photoepilation and rejuvenation has an important advantage over analogues: in the process of operation, it is not necessary to change light filters; to solve various problems, the device changes the radiation characteristics: pulse duration and energy density. This solution makes working with the photoepilator as comfortable as possible, and also helps to extend the life of the handpieces.

The device for photoepilation IP-200 Light Pro Duo is equipped with two handpieces., each of which is designed to solve specific problems. The SHR handpiece is designed to remove unwanted hair and allows photoepilation on hair of any color. An important advantage is a large light spot - 15x50 mm. This allows not only to increase the efficiency of photoepilation, but also to ensure an increased profitability of the procedure.

Important advantages of the IP-200 Light Pro Duo photosystem

Of the features of SHR photoepilation, the use of both the melanin pathway and the absorption of energy by hair stem cells are distinguished. The IP-200 Light Pro Duo device emits waves in the range from 650 to 950nm. At the same time, light pulses are split into sub-pulses of lower power, which provides a gentle effect on the skin: the skin is heated gradually, which can significantly reduce the risk of burns during photoepilation, as well as eliminate the impact on surrounding tissues.

Using the SR photoepilation handpiece, waves are emitted in the range from 560 to 950 nm, the size of the light spot is 10x40 mm, which allows the treatment of hard-to-reach areas on the body and on the face.

Beauticians who decide to buy the IP-200 Light Pro Duo photoepilator will receive serious competitive advantages. You will be able to carry out the most effective and safe procedures, which will result in a rejuvenating effect and improvement in skin condition.

professional IPL machine IP-200 Light Pro Duo

Innovative solution: two operating modes of the SHR handpiece

Another important difference of the IP-200 Light Pro Duo photosystem is the two modes of the SHR handpiece. This innovative technological solution provides extended functionality of professional equipment.

The first mode of the IP-200 Light Pro Duo photoepilator handpiece is IPL. In this case, the principle of exposure is as follows: the lighter the skin, the better the light rays are reflected, and the dark areas, on the contrary, attract radiation. The Intensive Pulse Light professional photoepilator mode allows you to get rid of age spots and vascular imperfections. Under the influence of the light flux concentrated by the IP-200 Light Pro Duo professional photoepilator, melanin is destroyed, age spots, freckles are eliminated, and damaged vessels are lightened.

IP-200 Light Pro Duo Professional IPL machine

E-light technology is based on the impact of two types of energy: light and electrical. Pulsed light radiation is selectively absorbed by the target area of the skin and at the same time is transformed into thermal energy, due to which the desired area of the skin is heated to the required temperature. The purpose of this process is to heat a certain place (pigment area, hair, vessel) so that its resistance decreases.

Radiofrequency radiation occurs between two electrodes while gently heating all tissues that are in its path. RF flow, like any other electrical energy, will always follow the path of least resistance. When the targeted areas of the skin are already heated by the pulsed light, their resistance is reduced. The technologies used for photoepilation and pigmentation removal provide an antibacterial effect. Due to the antibacterial effect of the professional photoepilator 200 Light Pro Duo, acne and other skin rashes are eliminated.

Innovative solution: two operating modes of the SHR handpiece

High level of operator comfort

The professional photoepilator also provides a high level of operator comfort. The control of the device is intuitive, there are built-in protocols for photoepilation and other procedures. It is also worth noting the following advantages of professional equipment:

  • large monitor with a diagonal of 10.4 inches;
  • thoughtful interface;
  • ergonomic handles.

Buying a professional photoepilator IP-200 Light Pro Duo means getting modern cosmetology equipment that is distinguished by thoughtful functionality and provides comfortable work.

High level of operator comfort ipl ip-200 light pro duo

Manufacturer's safety guarantee

Professional photoepilator IP-200 Light Pro Duo fully comply with EU safety requirements and has all the necessary certificates. Before launching into serial production, the photoepilator was tested in the European Union, the equipment was approved for professional use.

The manufacturer has also provided the following measures to increase the level of safety when using the professional IP-200 Light Pro Duo photoepilator:

  • the equipment is supplied with sets of goggles for the beautician and the patient;
  • the tip of the handpiece has a built-in protection against overheating, which helps prevent burns during the photoepilation procedure;
  • there is a built-in voltage drops protection.
manufacturer's safety guarantee ip-200 light pro duo

Source type

xenon lamp

Functions of the device

photoepilation; skin rejuvenation;

pigmentation treatment; vascular treatment; acne treatment

 Modes of procedures





Handpiece SR light filter

560-950 nm

Handpiece HR light filter

650-950 nm

Spot size

Handpiece SR: 10 x 40 мм
Handpiece HR: 15 x 50 мм

Light flash energy adjustment range:



10-50 J/cm2
0-50 J/cm2
1-10 J/cm2

Frequency adjustment range:



1-20 shots at 1Hz
1-20 shots at 1Hz
SR handpiece: 1-3 Hz; HR handpiece: 1-8Hz

RF power adjustment range in the E-light program


Control interface

LCD display

Operational resource of HR handpiece

1 000 000 pulses

Operational resource of SR handpiece

1 000 000 pulses


Water + semiconductor + air

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption

3000 W or less depending on the selected work intensity


Laser safety class

class 4

Protection class



Net dimensions(W*L*H)

1183*396*504 mm

Net weight

62,5 kg





Device IP-200 Light Pro Duo

1 pc.


Keys for switching on/off the device

2 pcs.


220 V network power cable

1 pc.


Water draining tube

1 pc.


Tube with a funnel for water filling

1 pc.


SR handpiece for the phototherapy

1 pc.


HR handpiece for the photoepilation procedures

1 pc.


Specialist’s safety goggles

1 pc.


Client’s safety goggles

1 pc.


Stand for handpieces

2 pcs.


Decorative screws for fastening stands of handpieces

4 pcs.


Silicone rings for decorative screws

4 pcs.


Shipping package

1 pc.


User‘s manual

1 pc.



Sealing rings for connectors of handpieces

6 pcs.

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