Professional ipl machine IP-300

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Professional ipl machine IP-300

The professional ipl machine  IP-300 is an unsurpassed model of aesthetic equipment that operates in three directions at once:

  • removal of unwanted hair on the body and face
  • skin rejuvenation
  • correction (elimination) of aesthetic defects

The operation principle of the IP-300 is based on three innovative technologies that ensure high efficiency and safety of procedures:

  • E-ligh (ELOS) - with a wavelength of 430 - 1200 nm
  • SHR - with a wavelength from 690 - 950 nm
  • RF lifting

The  professional ipl machine  IP-300 is multipurpose beauty equipment. For comfortable and safe treatments, the model is equipped with three working handpieces, unique in their technical characteristics:

  • E-ligh (ELOS) handpiece with a spot size 16x30 mm²
  • SHR-handpiece spot size16x50 mm²
  • RF lifting handpiece includes three nozzles for face, eye area and body

The professional ipl machine  IP-300 is effective against dark, light, red and gray hair. It can be used to treat any part of the face and body, including delicate (with sensitive skin) - bikini area, armpits. The equipment is designed for radical removal of unwanted hair, photorejuvenation and appearance transformation.

To buy a photoepilation apparatus is a relevant solution with unlimited possibilities for practice and great prospects for business. The equipment is ideal for equipping a beauty parlor, beauty salon, spa center and clinic.

General acquaintance with the professional ipl machine  IP-300 - What Is It?

This is an advanced beauty equipment of the latest generation. Photoepilator with ELOS and SHR technologies generates high-pulse light for radical removal of unwanted hair, photorejuvenation and correction of aesthetic skin defects. In addition, the IP-300 photoepilation machine can operate in the RF lifting mode - to create a directed flow of high-frequency electric current to warm up deep tissues and their structural components.

The operation principle and effectiveness of the professional ipl machine  IP-300

As for the ELOS (E-ligh) and SHR technologies, for their implementation, a xenon lamp, a source of high-pulse light, is integrated into the design of the operation handpiece. To avoid burns and damage to the skin, an effective semiconductor cooling system is provided in the design of the photoepilator - at the moment of a flash it instantly lowers the temperature of the prism. Thanks to this, photoepilation or photorejuvenation is comfortable and safe for the client's skin. Further, we will consider in more detail the principle of operation and the effectiveness of the machine technologies.

SHR technology on the IP-300

SHR technology is a combination of two types of energy - IPL and ELOS. Their use makes it possible to obtain a cumulative effect from flashes of intense light. After all, each of the flashes individually has a small potential, but when combined, they are not inferior in their effectiveness to a conventional flash. At the same time, their number and intensity can be adjusted to the individual skin, hair and aesthetic issues of each customer.

E-light (ELOS) technology on the IPL-300 

ELOS is a synergy of two progressive technologies - IPL and RF. Complementing each other, they provide effective removal of unwanted hair.

  • IPL technology - responsible for the creation of intense pulsed light, under the influence of which the melanin of the hair follicle heats up, causing the destruction of the hair growth zone.

  • RF technology - involves exposure to high-frequency electric current, which instantly heats up tissues in the affected area, preparing them for the penetration of pulsed light.

Due to the high efficiency of the method, the complete removal of unwanted hair on the machine will require a minimum number of treatments.

RF-lifting on the IP-300

The penetration of radio frequency deep into the skin is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of heat, under the influence of which the already familiar coagulation effect arises - the fibers of natural collagen and elastin proteins are compressed and denser, demonstrating instant lifting and smoothing of wrinkles.

Treatments with a radiofrequency lifting function contribute to the general improvement of the skin, which is due to deep heating of tissues, followed by the activation of their natural functions.

Indications for the use of the professional ipl machine  IP-300

  • Removal of unwanted hair on the face and body.

  • Acne treatment and post-acne correction.

  • Elimination of telangiectasia (defects of small vessels).

  • Elimination of age spots and freckles.

  • Elimination (smoothing) of signs of skin aging - wrinkles, flabbiness, uneven relief and color.

Why is the IP-300 better than other photoepilators and why is it worth buying?

This equipment is unique in all respects, the benefits of which will be appreciated by specialists and their clients.

  • Longer xenon lamp life.

  • Large 10.4-inch LCD display with intuitive settings and pre-programmed treatment protocols.

  • Comfortable working spot size.

  • Extended complete set - three handpieces.

  • Three-stage cooling system - water / semiconductor / air.

To buy the IP-300 system means to purchase multipurpose equipment of European quality, at an adequate manufacturer's cost. It is the choice of ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs who care about the reputation of their institution and strive to achieve success.

Equipment Safety

The professional ipl machine  IP-300 manufactured by Alvi Prague (Czech Republic) has passed the mandatory certification procedure according to the quality and safety standards of the European Union.

General information about treatments on the IP-300

The use of a professional ipl machine  IP-300 by Alvi Prague guarantees the highest efficiency of treatments, especially in the matter of skin photorejuvenation and correction of its defects.

As for the removal of unwanted hair, in rare cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to destroy their growth zone. However, at the same time, it is severely damaged and gradually atrophies, which ultimately disrupts the life cycle of the hair - they lose color saturation, become thin and hardly noticeable. Thus, the positive effect of photoepilation will be in any case.

It is also necessary to take into account that when heating the skin with the use of RF-lifting, it is important to maintain adequate temperature and time of its exposure. The optimal indicators are 45-50 ° C and the exposure time is no more than 20 seconds on one skin area in one procedure.

European manufacturer of beauty equipment

Alvi Prague (Prague, Czech Republic) is a developer and manufacturer of aesthetic equipment on the European market for more than 10 years. The most popular and demanded equipment for clinics, spas, beauty salons and beauty parlors is produced under the Alvi Prague trademark. The manufacturer has a certificate for the production and sale of medical and aesthetic equipment. We provide our customers with the widest range of high quality products.

Advanced technology

The high professionalism of Alvi Prague engineers has allowed the company to create more than a hundred unique equipment models. Most of the company's devices are based on the use of revolutionary technologies of its own design. The beauty industry is developing dynamically, therefore the specialists of TM Alvi Prague are constantly working both on the creation of innovative and on the improvement of already known youth technologies. Year after year, we continue to delight our clients with relevant, more effective and safer methods.


The central office of Alvi Prague, in addition to a large showroom, includes methodological rooms. Specially equipped and comfortable, they are designed for theoretical and practical training for clients. Qualified specialists and aestheticians-methodologists of the company help to master all methods, regardless of their complexity or basic knowledge of the client, and are happy to share their skills. Also, on the basis of the showroom, seminars and master classes devoted to the most popular techniques of the beauty industry are regularly held.

Source type

xenon lamp

Functions of the device

E-light technology,

SHR-hair removal,


 Modes of hair removal

E-light: 6

SHR: 1

Modes of RF lifting


Filters E-light

430 nm, 530 nm, 640 nm, 590 nm, 485 nm

Filters SHR

690 nm

Spot size
(E-light, SHR)

E-light: 16 x 30 mm

SHR:16 x 50 mm

Energy (max):





60 J/cm2

26 J/сm2

50 J/сm2

Pulse frequency range

1 - 10 Hz

Control interface


Warranty operation time of SHR pump lamp

100 000 pulses

Warranty operation time of E-light pump lam

50 000 pulses


Water + semiconductor + air

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power input

2000 W max


Laser radiation hazard

class 4

Protection class



Net dimensions(W*L*H)

1183*396*504 mm

Net weight

56 kg

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